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Don't blame the millennials or the boomers for this, blame the feminists.

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Can't do anything for anyone without being accused of some kind of -ism, so they've made it a game where the only winning move is to not play.

And it turns out, they fucking hate that too.

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Was about to say this. This isn't a problem specific to millenials, it's a problem specific to our society: there's been so much bullshit and propaganda and race baiting and [insert X bad for society here] that society has no cohesion anymore. Nobody gives a fuck about anyone, there's no reason to do so, everyone is disillusioned with what everything has become.

It's not "millenials," it's demoralization.

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And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold. - Matthew 24:12 KJV

Not quite to the end yet according to the other verses in this chapter, but this is only the beginning of it in my opinion. Things are going to get a lot worse. Take a look at the new Green Deal they put out... The thing literally reads as a play by play of Agenda 21 from the UN. Slowly preparing your mind that the coming new world order will have to be like this because of all the "problems" they will invent and the coming WWIII. From that disaster the anti-christ will unite his new world government and we all will know the Jesus will be on his way back soon to destroy this world in fire.

Hopefully the US wakes up in time, but I'm not sure.

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I give a shit about the elderly. Being around them daily, most 70+ year Olds are red-pilled. Even knew an old Slovakian man with the elder-scrolls of zion, on audiovook CD format no less.

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I blame the Jews.

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Divide and conquer, anything used to attack each other is pointless, fucking boomers tho.

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The last few times I tried to hold a door open for a lady I got a nasty looks instead of a thank you.

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Let them stew and sputter. I don't hold a door because she's a lady, I hold it because I'm a gentleman.

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The rules of the game are to not notice anyone unless they are in your way. My eyes are blocked by my device, my ears are blocked with earphones, and my mind is blocked by servility.

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I hate to say it, but you’re right.

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see it everyday, they won't hold a door either. When Mom dies, hopefully she turns the gas on and locks the basement

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I don't hold doors for women other than my wife or family. Everyone else can go fuck off.

For all I know they're psycho socialists.

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I would have laughed at this until two fucking weeks ago when a woman holding hands with her daughter straight up said "I assure you I'm capable of opening a door" when I held it open for them after I had entered a doctor office.

From now on, fuck everyone behind me that isn't a man.

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We all grew up being told that feminism is the future. I live in a liberal city and have had multiple run-ins where some spinster gives me snark for holding a door, offering a hand, picking something up, etc. Blame those hags for why younger people aren't helping others. After you get publicly shamed a few times, you stop caring.

I still do it anyways, because fuck 'em.

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Must be a thing for north of the mason dixon line.

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Just call them a feminist cunt and move on. "Oh, you're one of those feminist cunts. Kill yourself."

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If anything holding the door for xur pisses em off

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This shit didn't used to happen ever, at least where I am from. Move to a city and people became rude as fuck. Maybe it's the same way there now, who knows.

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This is what you get for your social security which you didn't spend for. It was extorted and spent.

That's why your social security fund is full of government debt instead of money.

bring some of that around and bribe us or fuck off :D!

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Whoever took this picture instead of shaming those people right there when this happened is part of the problem.

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The angle of the shot makes me think the person taking the picture was standing too. Dunno, could be wrong though.

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Yes, standing, and taking a picture, rather than standing and speaking up and saying something. Scared of a little conflict with a rude transit rider? Gonna post on your safespace later? Part of the problem.

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Not a valid criticism. If you were going to do something about it, wouldn't it be smart to take a photo before you solved the problem?

If a janitor cleans up a shitty toilet and takes a photo of the shitty toilet before cleaning it. Would you scold them for not having done their job based on the photo?

Yes, you would.

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If that's what happened, then yeah, "not a valid criticism", and I thought about that when I left my comment; but a nuanced comment with a clause that covered the "maybe he said something after he took the photo" critique would have been ignored, whereas an impactful one like the one I left left the door open for you to add that nuance without being an ugly cacophony.

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I like your style.

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The photo could have been staged... But what an image!

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Boomers deserve it. They brought in all the killers to keep their house prices high.

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No, the ZOG with their control of the federal reserve for the past 100 years and by extension the nation did that. I'm sure that in a non-rigged democracy with a free media, a major political party that promised a white's-first policy as a natural opposition to the policies of open-border multicult kikes would have been ushered in in a landslide. But no one alive today has had such a privilege. The entire West has been centrally controlled and socially engineered by kikes for a very long time yet people still swallow their bullshit that we operate in a free, open society and economy. The best slaves are those who don't know they're slaves.

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excepting Venezuela, Iran and North Korea..., hey, wait a minute.

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Eh... Still think the boomers rather helped, you know?

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Yep. I guarantee when that lady was in her 20s in the sixties she was screaming about free love and equality for niggers. Selfish cunt get what she wanted. Life sucks.

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AKA shovel

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Nice projecting rabbi.

I must have missed it when (enter any generation here) rioted in the streets to fix the BS, but ya, it's ALL the boomers fault.

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Boomers had HUGE legislative majorities. They didn’t have to riot, all they had to do was literally vote. The whole battle was fought in their own heads and they lost. Millennials do t have a prayer. Even if almost all of them woke up, they’re going to be outnumbered.

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You guys keep forgetting about the population explosion.

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Looks like an older guy is reading a book and also ignoring this older woman.

Fucking sucks how people have had empathy ripped out of them... the small amount of empathy that actually existed.

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To be fair, they're on public transportation.

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What the fuck does that mean?

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It's a major reason we all suffer.

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I think the picture is being taken out of context. The fragile old woman gave up her seat to the young Oriental because she empathizes with her plight to catch ‘em all

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She recalls the internment of innocent Japanese Americans no doubt. Reparations are overdue.

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This is another reason Niggers act the way they act, They feel they are entitled or owed.

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