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Would you ask the snake not to eat the mouse?

They can't be reasoned with.

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They are not a snake and we are not a mouse. They are a parasite, akin to a flea. With great numbers and with no defense the flea can over run a dog.

Maybe a tick is a better metaphor. Ticks carry uncureable diseases. Just one left unchecked can take down the whole immune system.

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Tapeworm. They sap away nutrition from everything you eat, and they can get into your brain.

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If your storyline holds true you are in fact the mouse and they are the snake. What you say here totally contradicts your version of history. It’s either true or it isn’t.

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I do not ask the snake anything. I cut its head off with a shovel and carry on with my day.

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They don't actually believe anyone is anti-semitic for no reason (what they claim in their news articles and on TV); there are people (like most of voat) who dislike/distrust jews for good reasons, and the rest of it is just fantasy. It is very similar to how people are pretending the be fearful of MAGA hats/proud boys/pro-trump/etc. so that they can retaliate and go on the offensive even though they shouldn't have been able to.

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Semitic isn't a correctly used word as it describes a people from Malta, Amharic culture, Tigrinya, Italy, Spain, Afro-Asiatic languages and peoples, South Arabian .... maybe the correct word should be anti-Zionism or against globalist Jewish degeneracy

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Sure. But those people are shity too.

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I understand modern Jews aren't Semitic, but it makes replies less clear to use other language; and I was replying to OP, who used that language.

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And also dear jews: Can you GTFO out of our politics, media, medical institutions, law, banking and schools? Better yet, can you just GTFO of our country?

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What have jews to fear from whites? Nothing, absolutely nothing. But whites have everything to fear from jews, who have sworn to exterminate the white man by sneaky jewish ways.

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They fear that we will do the holocaust for real this time and they should be scared.

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They fear that the chosen people will be overshadowed by the animals goy. That if they ever get wise to how deep the treachery and deceit goes that the dog will bite the hand

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Yeah, they're doing a fucking fabulous job on that front! /s They're not even hiding their corruption anymore, so it just becomes more and more obvious, the more desperate they become. I fully expect NJ and NYC to start implementing shoot to kill laws in the coming decade (which they have for the most part, if you think about it) as the jew starts getting more scared against the backlash. If the Bolsheviks could do it, why do libtards think it can't happen again?

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thats rude of those jews. WE MUST KILL DEM. signned, white-wemen.

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You can't ever broach the topic with (((them))), they'll just give you the standard issue "oy vey goy, but you must know that I too am white like yourself! Let's check our privilege, and stop being so judgmental of your wife's boyfriend!"

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They can’t help it. This is why there is only one solution. The final one.

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I think they won't learn, because they think vis a vis a double standard that they are always right and that being anti-white is legitimate and fine and that therefore anyone who is anti-Semitic is to pent up on pro-white sentiment.

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