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Because had they got vaccinated they wouldn't have had the measles. You're a moron if you're against vaccinations.

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You must be fucking retarded if you think a vaccine actually prevents you from getting measles. You can get the injection 500 times and still get measles. Measles isn’t even a scary or debilitating thing to get. Our grandparents got it just like chicken pox. Once you get it- it’s done. You’re immune. That’s it- it’s over. You are now stronger and have remained in the world because you weren’t a weak gened faggot who couldn’t handle a mild virus.

[–] OneOfTheBoys 2 points -1 points (+1|-2) ago 

Once you get it- it’s done. You’re immune. That’s it- it’s over.

Well, technically no. You need a booster as adult - so parents taking care of their children with measles or chicken pox got a booster (without getting sick) and then there was life-long immunity. Both viruses are so much worse as one ages that they are considered a different disease (shingles?).

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Oh, really? This guy thought he was pretty smart, too...

[–] 99887766 4 points -3 points (+1|-4) ago  (edited ago)

Of course there's going to be a tiny percentage of people that have problems. Do you really expect something to be 100% safe for everybody? For 99 percent of people vaccinations are safe and the fact that people are vaccinated saves millions of lives. If people were to go unvaccinated the death toll from disease spreading would be astronomical in comparison to the few people who have problems with their vaccinations. try to think things through fully in the future