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They think anti vaxxers are conservatives whereas third world savages are vibrant, beneficial diversity.

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It's all about Kike profits at big pharma, plus killing goy

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killing you slowly so we can sill pay for medical care

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From my perspective, most anti-vaxxers are lefties, and conservatives worship doctors.

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Anti vaxxer is a poor choice of a word. Anti poison is a better choice.

The MSM has done a great job painting a picture of irrational people being completely anti vaccines in order to keep the majority of the population from starting to question too.

I'm sure there are some who are liberal leaning who are anti vaccines, but just think about that. A person who begins to question the fabric of the reality they've been painted tends to wake up and see other things they didn't know were there before.

It's generally conservatives who are anti vaccines/poison. It's not the vaccines we have problems with, it's what they chose to make them out of and refusal to find better alternatives when they know what is in them is harmful, but it's cost effective.

The IDF has nothing on big pharma when it comes to damage control, goys.

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Am anti vaxx... Am major conservative

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I think people associate the anti-vaxxers with righties because of the skepticism towards government on both ends. Just, one of us retarded and the other is skeptical.

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Ironically, anti vaxxers tend to be college educated liberals.

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ironically 'vaccines" are fake dirty-gypsy-jew "science"...

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Lol, no, ignorant Facebook moms are the anti vaxxers

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Can I have generalizations for 200, Alex?

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I thought most anti-vaxxers were New Age crystal-hugger broads who believe that we'd be immortal were it not for "toxins."

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No. Anti-vaxxers are just slandered as such. No one except a handful of retards believes that hippy crap. Most anti-vaxxers are parents who don't want to pump their infant children full of mystery chemicals, the contents and effects of which are largely unknown. When big pharma is called out on this they slander these people as crazy. If some kike hands you a syringe and refuses to tell you what it is, but says it will make your baby not get sick, you'd be suspicious too

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Literally one of the few sites with less credibility than CNN

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Add another one: vaccine now has greatly diminished efficacy. Had outbreak in my community last year. Half of those that contracted it were previously vaccinated. Health department shut the fuck up about it real fast.

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It’s interesting that those who rely on the position of authority unquestionably are the ones who are damaged by those who make decisions for them.

Those who research for themselves using our wealth of networking information available to us now end up realizing that they are being lied to and there are several sides to every story.

Once a person does their own research on a subject- the power over them is lost. These sorts of programs thrive on the public’s ignorance. A person vaccinated does not become permanently protected or even remotely protected. They could be injected 40,000 times and still get whatever disease or virus etc.

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When polio comes back and your kid dies from it enjoy your righteousness.

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This has been true for every whooping cough/pertussis outbreak I've heard about, as well. The outbreaks happen among school age kids (just like you'd expect) who have had all their booster shots for it, but they've all worn off.

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Pertussis last 10-12 years. It's the only vaccine besides tetanus that I know to be safe and not suspiciously adulterated.

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How big is your community? What are the demographics of them? When were people previously vaccinated?

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Island has 200k permanent residents with transients in the millions with mandatory vaccination required for all immigrants. Outbreak burnt out on it's own. No clustering in schools so original infection was probably in the retail/ tourism sector.

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absolutely spot on

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If vaccines worked, those vaccinated have absolutely nothing to worry about

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i mean that logic only works if Vaccines are effective on 100% of the population, which we know they aren't.

If they're only 95-99% effective then you are protected by other people being vaccinated because you reduce infection vectors to yourself, This is called Herd Immunity.

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Vaccines have a ~95% effectiveness due to how our immune systems function. The white blood cells don't know how to stop a threat until they are aware of it. They go into mutate mode to see what fights the disease and when something works, BAM it's deployed and the invasion is stopped.

Some times, the immune system doesn't quite mutate enough in time to kill the weakened/dead disease in the vaccine. That means that even if you were vaccinated, you could still be vulnerable.

That's why group immunity is so important, and why vaccines have to be deployed in mass numbers to be effective.

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Herd immunity is a thing

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That's not how it works. Immunity isn't absolute. Your exposure to pathogens can overwhelm your immune system even if you have immunity. You can only have so many WBCs in your blood.

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You fucking know why

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'nervously sheckeling'

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Tell me (((why)))?

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Vaccines have mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde

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And salt has chlorine and sodium. Oh noes!!! Someone think of the children. Water has hydroxide ions. That's caustic, man!

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Dihydrogen monoxide is some scary shit. It breaks down everything!

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^^3.5hr old account, shilling for vaccines... weird...

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Spotted the Kike!

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member for 3.7 hours

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Thimerosal is a compound that contains mercury. Mercury is a metal found naturally in the environment.

Why is thimerosal used in some vaccines? Because it prevents the growth of dangerous microbes, thimerosal is used as a preservative in multi-dose vials of flu vaccines, and in two other childhood vaccines, it is used in the manufacturing process. When each new needle is inserted into the multi-dose vial, it is possible for microbes to get into the vial. The preservative, thimerosal, prevents contamination in the multi-dose vial when individual doses are drawn from it. Receiving a vaccine contaminated with bacteria can be deadly. For two childhood vaccines, thimerosal is used to prevent the growth of microbes during the manufacturing process. When thimerosal is used this way, it is removed later in the process. Only trace (very tiny) amounts remain. The only childhood vaccines today that have trace amounts of thimerosal are one DTaP and one DTaP-Hib combination vaccine.


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Because everyone here trusts Government Organisations you fucking brainlet.

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The kikes are coming out of the woodwork to defend Big Pharma!

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Plus cells from animals that cause cancerous cells to begin growing when injected in humans.

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Isn't that why dupes get vaccinated? To protect themselves? Yet, they fear vaccinations are useless against others who choose not to vaccinate?

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"Dupes", I like it.

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agenda driven media?

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Shhh it's totally Becky! White women who stay at home with their kids, swim laps at the Y and have the audacity to buy lattes are a huge threat to national stability. It's definitely not the people pushing their 3 year old over a wall to sneak into the USA. They're noble heroes who should be celebrated! But Whitey? Whitey gots to go!

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