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Wait, what? I though cis meant someone that identifies as the gender of their birth sex: IE REAL MAN / WOMAN. So this post translated into true speak is "I'm fucking retarded, and I support real women and real women. Also, I am retarded."

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It's all word salad at this point.

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That's not even close to being a word salad, that's just verbal diarrhea, at best. Garcetti and Newsom have perfected the art of word salads, they both say a lot, but if you actually look at what they are saying, they aren't saying a damn thing.

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Fuck you, and your definitions for words made up by derranged communist sympathisers.

Nobody cares to learn their definitions faggot

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hahaha, wait, your mad at me??? We are on the same team here !!!

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Look up pilpul - POS like anonredditref endlessly arguing causation (or linguistics, or definitions, or whatever) to distract, diminish and delude through attrition. Looks like enemy to me despite his/her reassurances otherwise.

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"I'm fucking retarded, and I support fake women and real women. Also, I am retarded."

It's this, as in "women have penises too".

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To be clear, i don't think trans "women" are women at all, they are mentally ill men that society is refusing to recognize at such for political and social reasons. As for the quote, it was more a mockery of how stupid sounding the original tweet sounded.

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IT is mentally ill; IT thinks men in dresses are the real women, and actual females are fake women.

This is why we call them mentally ill. Fucking elevator doesn't go all the way to the top of the cracker, and the cheese is sliding off.

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"A way to marginalize normal people" - Norm McDonald

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White women have somehow convinced themselves that they are an oppressed minority.

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As far as I can tell, there's not even a word for "person born with a penis" or "person born with a vagina" anymore. "Biological male" and "biological female" are the most concise terms permissible.

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CIS is a latin prefix meaning "on this side of". Basically trying to sound smart when saying you are the same gender( stayed on the same side of gender) since birth. Typically it means the person is someone you can easily ignore as they are functionally retarded.

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They use it to make it sound "scientific" because the term isnused in chemistry. Therefore, trans worship is "science". Irrefutable dogma.

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Good. To. Know. Wikipedia confirms 100%.

cissexual : (of a person) Having a gender identity which matches one's birth sex; for example, identifying as male and having (been born with) male genitalia.

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"cisgendered" aka completely normal without mutilated sex organs. In leftist communities, it is often used as an insult due to it being seen as a position of privilige. e.g. DIE CISHET MALE! 'het' standing for hetero in this case. Being a normal, heterosexual white male means you are at the bottom of the opression hierarchy. Hope this explanation helped.

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Don't know what the acronym is but it means actual woman with a vagina not a mentally ill man.

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It's not acronym, it's an abbreviation for cishet. At least that's what I was told.

This guy has a slightly more nuanced take on the matter.

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I use this URL for searching people's Twitter.
Simply replace 'REPLACEME' with the handle of the account you want to search.

So, in this case, it would be:

Any additional keyword suggestions are welcome.

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That's handy, thanks!

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The simple truth: there are only 2 biologically valid genders plus the people with mental health issues who are obsessed with their new "gender."

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To clarify, there are 4 categories of gender. Male, female, mental illness and mutant.

Mental illness is not a proper gender as it has no bearing on their real gender and is a vector of social warfare/subversion.

Mutants of the various syndromes are very easily identified with explicit genetic evidence.

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So, there are 3 categories, male, female and mutant.

Members of any of those three groups can develop mental illnesses of various kinds.

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I genuinely feel bad for those born with mutations. Hermaphrodites, is what they told us in school, are the "third gender".

It's baffling to me that those people get so little attention, but mentally ill faggot "trans" people get so much. Maybe it's because most hermaphrodites are like normal people who were born with a birth defect? Maybe they don't want any special treatment or attention for their issue, and they just want to be treated like anyone else so they don't have to throw their sexuality in your face every chance they get?

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Male, Female, and 57 types of faggot.

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We're reaching levels of Weimar that shouldn't be possible. However, part of me wonders if I could start a twitter account and post the most liberal bullshit I can imagine for fame and shekels. Are these people larpers, infected by Jews, or Jews themselves?

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2 & 3.

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LOL, they just attacked the single remaining demographic that was even slightly queasy about purging these degenerates from the face of the earth.

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This is a biological anomaly and will be dead in a few years

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Your literalness is noted and appreciated, my jest neither

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Five bucks says you ain't supporting them with a job

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