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This was an interesting historical anecdote.

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Fried chicken was a product of the Romans, called Pullum Frontonianum.

Nigger slaves in America enjoyed the dish reserved for their special occasions during the 18th Century because of the cosy of ingredients.

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Well this is a funny one. Where did you get that one? I'd like to read about it.

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Imagine being of such easily defeated stock, that a white person standing still, is enough to defeat you.

Except that historically the horse archers usually kicked ass (Mongols, Crusades, Parthians).

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Are you saying that the anecdote is untrue?

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We always win when we take a stand.

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Thats why they're scared, and try to keep us divided

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We won't have the numbers if we don't start breeding ASAP.

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We have the numbers now, the problem is that we are non-combatants and therefore, irrelevant.

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We're the minority in the States. However, we're always been the minority globally so I can see your point. I laugh when I read all the comments on here about war and revolutions etc etc because I know half of them are fat and out of shape physically. Also judging by some of their comments they don't seem to be fit mentally either.

They don't seem to grasp how it important it is to be healthy and active in mind, body and spirit. Marksmanship, survival skills, hunting, combat and an open mind are imperative if we are to bring back our once great status and reclaim our lands.

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What are you doing here then?

Walk the walk...

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How many kids do you have?

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Telling and helping are two different things

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Roukes Drift.

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Battle of Tours next

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Another good one is the Battle of Shipka Pass--a combined force of 7,000 Bulgarians and Russians beat back a force of Ottoman turkroaches, facing odds of almost 6 to 1.

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Wow, that's impressive considering Russians and Bulgarians are half way to becoming genetic Turks themselves.

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Hey, don't knock the Russians. They were the last of the great powers to lose their monarch and traditionalism, they managed to retain their cultural identity despite a 70 year Marxist dicking, and the Russian Orthodox Church has remained very unpozzed compared to its Western counterparts. And Putin seems to be the only statesman on the international stage that still remembers how realpolitik works, which is more than can be said for his peers.

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This was part of the first crusade. Sadly, by the fourth crusade, in 1202, crusaders somehow ended up sacking Christian Constantinople, hobbling Byzantium, until then a bulwalk against the Moslem hoardes who were hellbent on invading Europe, and later did just that. Things always seem to degenerate!

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Same reason whites haven't fought back yet.

Not enough people redpilled yet.

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