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Welfare and disability is why the savages come. Whites must drop the empathy and end all entitlements.

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Empathy is great only for building white communities. For outsiders, it's a weakness and will end us unless we reverse the damage.

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welfare and disability work well in homogeneous communities

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Why do gay people need welfare :)

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Charity should never be mandatory. That's how we got here. In any wholesome organization, all you need to do is state your need and current resources thus demonstrating any deficits. Then allow people to decide if it is worth dedicating their money toward that need. Entitlement culture is pure toxicity.

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End The Fed

Build The Wall

Disavow and Debunk KIKE Narratives like this

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If we hadn't made it a near utopia through blood sweat and tears they wouldn't have wanted to come. Clearly our fault

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This hurt, "near Utopia," to think what the world could be..

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You're still humans, a few steps out of the jungle with primate relatives.

Humans will always find reasons to murder each other, take, exploit. Greed lives in us. Utopia can't exist with humans in it.

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As a kiwi I agree. My entire time at school we had the evil white invaders killed all the innocent maori bullshit narrative shoved down our throats.

The truth is (and recorded history proves this) is that the crown sided with maori tribes that were more civil. And the tribes (supported by the british) wiped out the savage, cannabilistic tribes.

There were few instances of private land companies trying to claim land by force, but none were acknowldged by the crown and most of them failed.

Also the claim that the land was "stolen" . Bullshit, it was sold for commodities such as aninals and muskets. Settlers turned NZ swamps into cities, all the land the maori still have claim to is to this day, is plain and sitting around doing nothing.

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All Maori were cannibals afaik, hell I've got some Maori in me and there are family stories about ancestors who dug up their grandmother's corpse to eat during lean times, and then died because the meat was tainted.

Not to mention slavery and the successful genocide of the (pacifist) Mori ori.

And jesus fuck if I have to listen to any more bullshit about how respectful Maori were towards the land, guardians etc etc I will fucking stick a knife in my head. Like who do they think hunted moa to extinction? Who burned down forests to drive the animals out and then slaughtered more than they could possibly eat? Why were so many native species damn near hunted out before the horrible awful white people arrived?

I mean fuck, there are some parts of our heritage to be proud of... But Maori were still living in the stone age, with no written language until the 1800s.

Sorry for the rant, kinda a sore spot. Can't do anything in this country without consulting iwi ffs.

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Aussie here too, astonishing how firstly people pretend there was homogenous “aboriginal” culture.... and even if there was it was worth half a damn? Stone Age people, they can continue to be stone if they like while society is built around them.

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Yeah fuck the iwi, not in a race way, but their existence as a second government is part of what is holding back New Zealand. They hold so much decent land that was planned to become towns and cities in the 1800's, now are just useless bush and grass because "muh tapu" or "muh waitangi".

And dont get me started on on their resource and fishing rights.

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Didn’t realize you guys were that cucked-up with the white guilt shit in schools, although you did elect a female PM which no one ever seems to STFU about, so I’m not that surprised. I don’t remember much of the Aboriginals stuff taught in school, but of what I do remember it was about learning what Aboriginal culture is, not about how awful the oppressive whites were.

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Say, as a kiwi have you ever seen or heard the documentary series 'Skeletons in the Cupboard' about the supposedly hidden history of New Zealand?

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Yes ive seen this, funnily enough when learning about pacific island history at school years back, and they let this doco slide. They say hidden because they dont want the average Kiwi to be informed of pre-maori NZ history, and i doubt many kiwis have seen or remember this.

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It's an easy enough fix. Give them what they want; A war to reclaim our territory. Take no prisoners. Ethnically cleanse them instead of allowing them to do it to us.

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Uncivil War

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No other kind. Not if your goal is to win, baby.

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It's not supposed to make sense and (((they)) don't care that it doesn't. It's supposed to trip you up in semantics while they destroy everything

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Excellent point.

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Whites took the land lawfully under the prevailing legal system of the natives. Given they own the land they took lawfully they began to enact their own laws. The natives regarded the land that past under their feet over the past year as theirs. If they had not been there in over a year, it was up for grabs. If you wanted something you didn't own you just had to fight for it. They did among each other. This was literally the laws that governed them. The fact that they didn't domesticate animals because they were so damn lazy didn't help their cause as they got sick due to lack of immunity built up. Oh and after we pretty much took over what we needed they still worshiped Okie. So they snatched white people who seemed to be afraid and sensitive to pain and tormented them over three days before they finally died as a sacrifice to their god of pain. Every region had a different name for the deity, but they all worship it. Won't find any of that in a jew history book.

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Since they had a habit of attacking we would attack back and this escalated into a war based relationship. Also they robbed us through deceit when they sold land that wasn't theirs according to their laws for materials that we offered for the land. They could have said no... Nobody has been here for a year, and or no we won't fight you over the land either.

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