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I stopped on the side of the highway this morning because there was a car upside-down in the snow, in the ditch.

Dashboard light was on so I wondered if someone was inside.

I parked and slid down the embankment just like the car had.

There was no one inside.

My compassion for a fellow human is what compelled and motivated my action. There is no one around and if I slip and hit my head, it’s so cold that I’d be dead in less than an hour...

Yes, I am white, compassion to a fault

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In that scenario, you should report the incident before seeing if someone needed medical attention. Then there's people already on their way if you oof.

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There is nothing wrong with what you did. You are the one who has to live with your own conscience from your actions. Sounds to me like you did good

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I've done something very similar before too.

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Expel the Kike

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Or our roots of using common sense and expelling all low-IQ disease-carrying violent barbarian shitskin races.

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Or maybe stop believing the tripe you were fed. God isn't a cop in the sky. He loves you and gives you free will. Whatever happens from your actions, you must own in this life and beyond.

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Exactly. It is like Voaters are oblivious to America's demise, beginning in the 60s, directly correlates with losing its spiritual way. But somehow it is Christianity, Jesus','s fault.

Don't you get it? One of the major objectives of the NWO was to make people lose their faith, and THEY HAVE SUCCEEDED. Just like they have tried to break up the family, and the nation state.

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Lol god isn’t real faggot

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expel the sand nigger notion of god as a cop who lives in the sky for good.

As soon as you expel god, you immediately get socialism.

The idea of "Dont steal or you'll burn in hell" indoctrinated from early childhood is the only way to stop the mob from perpetual collectivist rampage.

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My stupid self ran out of gas the other night in the super cold and snowy county road, 1 person stopped, ran me to get a can then to the gas station then back to my car, would not let me give him any gas $$ for doing all this, Crazy part is the guy was black! He was older too. Very rare

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He was older

Bingo. Even the hood rats grow-up sometimes if they are lucky to live

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It's almost as if the survivors weren't thugs hellbent on exterminating one another..

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To be honest, American Blacks of the old school variety (not the nigger or faggy type) are some of the most helpful and decent people I've met.

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Africa should be a paradise, it's full of helpful old niggers.

You bird brained nincompoop.

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as always, it's all about the parents.

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I have had that happen to me more than once. Flat tire, etc. older, black, southern Gentlemen. Also, have had "rescues" with younger white southern Gentlemen. Difference? The AGE group.

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He was probably white and in blackface

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You just summed up this entire site in one post.

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Kinda did, didn't I?

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Our viewpoints are heavily censored on any other platform (web or IRL) so it's no surprise that a bunch of angry White Men congregated here.

There really is only here or the chans, and the chans are crazy.

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ouch the salt! the truths! this is why the interwebs hates voat

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The jewnet can go fuck itself, Voat is here to stay.

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The lower races perceive kindness as weakness. To them, a weak man offers the stronger man gibs in order to stave off attack in their primitive societies.

A strong man just takes. End of story.

We have to deal with them in a way they understand. Literally kicking the shit out of them and reducing their populations to manageable numbers will instill great respect from them. The same way a beaten fighter in the ring will praise the skill of the man who bested him.

It kinda feels good to be taken down by an actual champ. Not having to play nice with some simpering, smiling faggot who tries to bribe you into going along with his progressive "let's be nice to everybody" nonsense. Having the big boss beat your ass, set strong boundaries for you and your little tribe, then largely leave you alone as long as you don't annoy him.

If you want to make an enemy of someone, do something for them they can never repay.

I like this quote, but I don't think it applies to those outside our racial group. With those outside I think it's just pure entitlement. You fed the birds and now they're back again the next day looking for the same or more, with more of their buddies, or there's gonna be trouble.

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That's solid wisdom.

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Men are starting to find their purpose again. This time, we will leave none to come back for our grandchildren. I will be merciless

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You're joking, right?

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No. I will not be a martyr for the sake of being a martyr, if that's what you are going to spew at me

America is already over, it's why no one fights, yet. It was a slow take over but the normies are beginning to wake.

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If only you'd understand that what you see as an attack only to your country is in fact an attack to all nations of the world.

If only you'd understand that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness.

I understand the continuous grudges you people have for I have my share as I defend the rights of every nation to defend their sovereignty, but your approach is an approach based in the ways of the world. Based on the pride of life and it is in fact going to lose all that follow your path.

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How would Christ lead us out of this?

I'm not as righteous as Christ. I can't get fucked and turn the other cheek anymore. The next generations deserve better then what we've given them.

Edit: if Christianity doesn't allow for a fix in the real world, I might just capitulate and call it the original Jewish subversion

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Learn about the cleansing of the temple and you'll realize that the "turn the other cheek" garbage was (((inserted))) nefariously at a later date. Matthew 21:12.

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Turning the other cheek is for minor grievances like getting slapped. It doesn't say if someone murders your child give them your other child.

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Catholics used to be pretty tough until jewish subversion.

Europeans owe the fact that any of them still exist to Catholicism.

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Christ would say heal the sick, feed the hungry, and cast the money changes out of the temple. Basically, more SJW shit. Which is how we got here.

Christians tend not to know much about Christ.

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Jesus, or at least the version of him written by the Catholics, has taught the world about compassion and humility, which of course is very important for the soul. But in the 2000 years since, humility has been played out, and we are now facing the consequences of taking it too far. The next lesson for mankind to learn is the Yang of humility's Yin. There must be balance.

What is the greater trial for a righteous man - to die for what is right, or to kill for it?

[–] sguevar 3 points 1 points (+4|-3) ago  (edited ago)

I will die in this world for what is right, spreading the Word of God in the name of Jesus, in order to live in the next. To be saved one must believe in his heart and confess it with his mouth that Jesus is our savior, the Son of God. So I accept my fate in this world for the faith He has granted me.

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We are rotten from the inside, that's the problem. Our own people betray us on every opportunity. You cannot blame the 3rd-worldlers for wanting a better life.

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(((our))) people

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"We are rotten from the inside, that's the problem."

Now that is a Herbert West kind of statement. Jeff Combs eat your heart out.

"You cannot blame the 3rd-worldlers for wanting a better life."

Then they can't blame me when we defend ours.

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That's why Christ is the savior.

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