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You don't need to be an asshole to be masculine. Gentleness, compassion, understanding, sacrifice, selflessness... these are all good traits to the right person. They're not mutually exclusive with masculinity. You can't give these qualities to people who haven't earned them, and they can't be present all the time, otherwise you're a doormat. But I do genuinely think that most, if not all of these, can be included in the overall theme of stoicism.

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Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

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Being masculine to me is merely not tolerating shit from others, whenever someone is dumb enough to do wrong by a man. That doesn't make you an arsehole - it makes you someone who has boundaries, morals and ethics, and will not allow anyone to cross them.

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That's called having conviction. Essential for everyone.

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Female. The most attractive traits to me is self-restraint and discipline. Don't forget those!

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Knights used to slay in battle then carry the core of chivalry with them. Good vs evil is a tale as old as time.

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The attack on masculinity is Jewish in origin not female.

Nice guys get shit on because they are not good people. Being "nice" is about appeasement not morals, integrity or dependability.

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Of course Jews want to destroy masculinity.

Jews don't do masculine. Jews can do emotion, manipulation, self-righteousness, etc. But they can't compete with masculinity.

If I was green but all the beautiful women liked purple men, I might try to convince them all that purple men are horrible (and trick the purple men into changing) too!

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Exactly this, brah. When you examine the state of Jewish males, it's obvious why they hate masculinity and seek to destroy.

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Reminds me of this time I was helping someone move a heavy granite table down three flights of stairs. His girlfriend was working on some movie script with a low level Jewish producer who should have been helping but was instead fucking around on the couch working on some lame ass boring as tits sounding movie. I ended up yelling at the guy for being a lazy weak son of a bitch who couldn't even bother to lift a finger to help.

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Spot on!

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Lol not in females, bitches bitch. The reason we are in the mess we are in is because men cucked to women and feminism.

Take women’s rights away and all your other issues disappear. Including demographic problems and most importantly, fertility.

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The problem was never about rights. It was female supremacy. That was the real agenda.

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A little like how burning down your house gets rid of cockroaches...

Many western women actually resisted women's suffrage. It is men (and women) bending to the will of a small minority of loud obnoxious feminists that is killing us. If we went back to ignoring the cries of the whores and harpies we would be fine. But female voting doesn't need to be a problem, I for example always vote in line with my husband so he in effect gets a double vote (thanks feminists).

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You should not ignore our Jewish dominated media and legal system that supports feminist entitlements.

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Thats really insightful. That is actually the core of the left, shit people trying to appease others for shit reasons, ie promoting 'minorities' purely for social status and the right to be a cunt to one group (whites)

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If you read ancient history you will see over and over again how women would side with who could conquer them. Not with any prior loyalty to family, tribe or love. It's true that some famous women stood against that trend. But the vast majority of women in ancient history were conquered or taken, not courted.

Never ever forget this.

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Yeah, women don't give a shit. They'll submit to their conquerors as they always have.

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Be the conqueror.

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Remember when Michael Obama did the “bring our girls home” campaign for Boko Haram?

Well they tried, those girls already had children and a life with their new conquerors and said no thank you.

The men who they were with previously were all slaughtered tho and there was no campaign for them.

This WILL be the result of the West if you do not take women’s rights away.

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Many women already are desperate for a real man. This is why so many white women are marrying muslims in europe. These are men that believe in certain things and are willing to kill those who stand in their way. They are very strict with their women. Women aren't getting discipline or push back from white men. The muslims keep them in line, so they go to the muslims. Also while the white boyfriend doesn't want to get married or have kids right away, the muslim husband will marry her and keep her pregnant for 10-15 kids in a row, fulfilling her destiny as a woman and ensuring the propagation of her genes. Evolution favors women like this and men like this. Evolution does not favor cucks, soy boys, sissies, progressives, etc.

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Yup, women voting for muslim invaders is a shit test. Women will keep destroying things until they get checked.

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BRB, going to spank the missus.

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this exactly

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Setting your last two sentences aside, the societal reasons are more likely this: Some white European women marry muslim men because (unlike the white male/female politicians) they protect them from getting raped by other muslim men. Other white SJW minded woman marry them because whiteness bad. /s

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As a rule of thumb women never want what they say they want, every single damn thing almost any woman will do is a shit test. They're all looking consciously or subconsciously for men that overpower them.

Every female politician is in power doing everything wrong and it doesn't matter to them, what they want is a male adversary who tells them what's what. Who they can fight with and feel attracted to after he wins and saves the damn country.

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Most of them aren't worth the trouble they give you. I gave up on them a couple of years ago.

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Sent to wife. Will be on couch.

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Why is it her bed and her house or something?

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These same people crying "toxic masculinity" want to bring Muslims into their own country. They are beyond absurd.

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It's almost unbelievable how stupid they are isn't it

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But don't you get it? If they don't find it in white men...

Women have no allegiance to race, only strength

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Reminds me of the one people always say about South Africa.

When the whites are all dead then the niggers will be sorry.

No they won't and the whites will be dead, genius. Who gives a fuck who's sorry afterward? DOH!

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When the (South African) whites are all dead then the niggers will be sorry Chinese.

Fixed it for you.

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Yeah, I love how we're letting the Chinks have Africa.

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