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...let me know how you feel when her donkey teeth are within an inch of your genitals.

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I assume you mean hot mess.

She barely looks human. There is not enough money in North America to make me fuck that. A gorilla or a horse sure, there's enough money in North America to make that worth my while. But I do have some standards and self esteem. That would be filth you could never wash off.

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She gets away with shit because even the hardcore dems want to give her enough rope to hang herself. She's a loose cannon who lacks basic understanding but she's cunning enough to know how to appeal to certain people. Her looks are irrelevant and don't do her any favors, especially with the crazy eye routine when the gears between her eyes grind to a halt. The scary thing is that some people actually believe that she has a future offering socialism, which could be true if we don't wake up and educate more snowflakes...

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Geeeeezuz op, you must be desperate AF, or insanely stupid, or fresh from the 'faggot' website.