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Here, I mocked this up quickly:


how to use fewer words

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From a design perspective, this is brilliant.

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thancc boi, I used this:


knock yourself out

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Less is more.

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Put something like "Try this newly-discovered therapy!" in there.

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But why? That'd be lying.

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This is good

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I think there is too much information in this to make people want to learn more about it and instead they just belive it and run with it.

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Foolish and reprehensible.

The Kalergi plan is what Nazis fought.

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That’s the joke, I think.

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Yeah. It's for the fags here who still have social media to share and hopefully trick a friend/relative into taking a redpill.

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Hmm... Went over my head I guess.


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You could make it a little more believable if you take out "freemason". That'll set off normal people's bullshit detector.

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I like the allergies spin. Props for being pro active too.

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Allergies exist because parents don't feed their children everything from birth.

Avoiding certain foods increases your sensitivity to them.

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OPs post is not based on truth regarding allergies. It's a meme and should be treated that way. However, you are correct that allergies form from lack of exposure when young. Let your toddlers go outside and roll around in the grass and flowers (if they get stung it's a learning experience and they won't roll around in flowers next time). Feed them as many different kinds of foods as possible, open up jars of peanut butter and let them smell or taste different things.

I guess I'm fortunate that I have zero allergies (that I know of). I was born at a time when going outside and wandering/exploring was all I wanted to do.

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OK... I gotcha... harshness reducing now... I believe we're about the same vintage.

Let kids eat dirt... it's good for them: Carlin had a great routine about drinking raw sewage out of a river when he was a kid.

There's truth to the saying that what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Personally, I'm allergic to work, nasty people and flip-flops.

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WW2 is the most lie about time in the last 100 years.

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People will follow it blindly because it agrees with their previous programming, then we'll have these assholes using it as a reference.

You greatly overestimate these idiots. Qtards say this kind of shit with a straight face every day with nothing to back it up, they can't be bothered to do 5 minutes of research on anything.

They all think Soros admitted to being a nazi. Why? Because they stopped halfway through the fucking interview. They read the dollar menu at mickeydees more carefully.

They could have googled his name, found is Wikipedia and read the whole story with citations with the click of a few buttons but they didn't bother. T'hey spent months and years reciting these nazi stories without ever once bothering to find out if any of it was actually true.

That's how incurious these dolts are.

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