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Fucking Aussies. They just can't get over their hemisphere envy.

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We're all gonna diiiiieeeeeeeeeeeee!

Don't use plastic straws and don't use plastic bags. Orange Man bad, and he said pussy.

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Seriously, don't panic.

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Orrrr... panic?

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Your choice.

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Why don't they ever show the south pole?

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It doesn't say shit about the poles flipping. Just that the pole is moving.

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The sky is falling! Something hit me on the head, so I have a data point to prove it!

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TLDR of what we'll see happen, and what preparations to make?

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This has been going on for a very very long time. It has also happened before.

The imminent pole flip may well be 500 years away. Which while imminent in geologic terms doesn't really mean you need to change your weekend plans.

In the end it is at best a geologic curiosity. At worst it is another bunch of charlatans making a grab for the unlimited federal check book. You know, sort of like global cooling. Er global warming. FUCK! Climate Change. aka weather.

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You'll just have to re-label your compass.

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And basically all forms of navigation and GPS reliant everything. That and the storms are going to be a bitch.