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gotta gas em all

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They indeed control much of our society and political system and they want to run it into the ground as best as they can and under the cover of civility and fooling the white man, which can be easily done. In the end it looks like the white man was his own undoing, when it was his naivety that made him easy prey for the Jew.

The Jew is able to cover up their destruction of civilization very easily, because they are able to make advancements and do things that are considered the high point of a progressive civilization when it only serves as a tool for corrosion.

Jews are intelligent and comprehend many things too which makes them twice as dangerous and they use this objective knowledge to flatten societies.

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You forgot Video Games!

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Fuck, she is hideous.

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My god!

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antisemitism = my feelings being hurt because someone told the truth ...

lets ruin their lives.

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Congress answers to the jew not to the American citizens

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I've never heard the state department's job description spelled out exactly. I'm glad he did.

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I love how the Sex-Trafficker is just a regular old Shlomo.

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Except where they should be which is 6 feet under.

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but theyre only like 1% of the population! does not compute.....error, error.

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Oh it fuckin’ computes pal, it computes. The hooknose race is only 0.2% of the planets population yet control 48% of the planets money.

The extinction of the hooknose would awaken a world wide renaissance.

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we cant go around slaughtering people for any reason. anyone saying we should go full on "final solution" before exposing the truth is no ally. slaughtering people is not good, ever, mmmkay?

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