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I wonder if the "OPTOUT" EV actually disables telemetry data. Don't have Windows 10 or use .NET, so can't test it out.

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Set up Fiddler to monitor traffic to your locally-hosted app.

Run the app through some tests with and without the setting enabled.

Compare fiddler calls in each case to see if you can spot the difference.

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I did this and the opt out seems to work. Ran the following commands without the opt out: dotnet restore, dotnet build, dotnet pack.

Each time there was an attempted connection to dc.services.visualstudio.com which my network firewall blocked. Added the environment variable and I don't see any attempted connections re-running the above commands. I also confirmed that just running "dotnet" with no arguments does not connect with or without the opt out per the documentation.

If you really care about this sort of thing you should grab a pi-hole and just block application insights telemetry endpoints there and you never have to worry about it unless they add new ones:


edit: as another user later in the thread points out the OP only applies to running the dotnet command in the SDK, so unless you're developing on the .NET Core framework, this doesn't really apply to you

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Don't need 10 and you probably don't have the library installed. It's something that you'd normally only install if you're writing web software.

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I am writing web software. I actually have Visual Studio Code installed on my PC; just not the full VS suite or any other MS dev SDKs.

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Voat was written in C#.

Not sure if framework or core.

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It was originally C# in core. I believe it's not either any more.

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Voat was originally .Net Framework C#, now its Core. There are only 3, if you count what's basically still Mono.

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Bruh... most asp.net websites are run on MS's own azure servers (meaning they collect all server-related data by default). IIS uses telemetry. Win 10 uses telemetry (heavily). All MS products keep track of every user's every action. .net core telemetry is the least of your worries.

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most asp.net websites are run on MS's own azure servers

Wrong. Most company sites are still hosted on that company's assets because Azure is nowhere near as easy to configure or maintain and have monthly costs as opposed to owned hardware.

IIS uses telemetry

"Application Insights" - logged only to the local server.

Win 10 uses telemetry (heavily)

What fucking moron is trying to use Windows 10 as a web server? (hint: not a single business).

Blah blah.

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Could you explain to me what this actually means?

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It means that information about your server, application, visitor usage is collected, sent to Microsoft and then published under a license that allows anyone else to collect and use that data.

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Thanks. A vile megacorporation has built in processes that steal user data. Sounds about par for course.

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The document that you've referenced is for the SDK. End users don't install the SDK, they install the runtime. Rubish.

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It's installed on development machines and web servers. All those website you visit? They use some kind of this technology. And Microsoft is pushing Core now. Old framework technologies are no longer supported. 87% of websites run this or compatible technology. https://w3techs.com/technologies/details/pl-aspnet/all/all

In case you might need the info, smarty pants, Voat runs .Net Core. That means that unless site admin knew about this, Microsoft gets voat's usage statistics and publishes.

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Do you install the SDK on your web servers? I sure don't, and I would like to know one good reason to do so.