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If that niggers white then I'm a golden shining god!

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Hes a street shitter from florida.

Different from nigger, but close!

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You can tell by the lack of pubic hair on his head

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Street shitters are equivalent to dotted niggers.

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That fat fucker isn't 185 lbs either.

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He looks more like a muzzie to me.

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White is the new ?

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tenacious d

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The term means nothing anymore. Use: European, or European-American

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I think you're right about this. It's the only response to lefties reclassifying their trash as white.

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They're trying to make European not mean anything, either. See: every crime report out of Germany or France calling them "German Citizens" instead of saying the obvious ethnicity.

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Came to say this.

We're all the same!! Don't forget it.

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Gotta inflate those white crime numbers somehow! Once again, I blame jews.

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that's what it all about. Whites won't commit enough crime to justify their 'white men are the worst people ever' narrative while blacks and latinos represent the overwhelming majority of all crime committed.

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At this point we have to consider that white crime is probably almost non-existent.

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Outside of drunk driving and drug charges it is nonexistent.

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Dunno. Lots of soldiers coming home to find Jodie's been banging his wife causes quite the ruckus still.

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just you wait til theres enough to skew stats completely and complain actual whites are a huge problem

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Even with this shit happening, niggers still find a way to commit most of the violent crimes.

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Look who's white on the U.S. census.

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This isn't an isolated incident, either.

There's also one with a bunch of pedo's listed as white but I can't find it right now.

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Isn't the list of most wanted like this also?

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Jesus shit, I just looked. . They have to make sure it's "White (Hispanic)" instead of "taco nigger." The FBI needs to employ "Taco Nigger" as an official race.

and two white guys listed as white, and one Indian being listed as born in India.

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