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You missed the best one which was 'hold the door' holodomor.

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Can someone make one for Moscow gold? "Russian" Jews started the Spanish civil war and stole all Spanish gold, never to be returned

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I have an upvoat for anyone who puts the images into a single album.

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Have they done one for Genrikh Yagoda yet?

Maybe frame him as being the person Yoda from Star Wars was based on?

"Did you know Yoda was based on a real person? Search Genrikh Yagoda."

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Please see the first link in my original post.

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Yagoda squid.... OK but I freely admit to failure in seeing the relationship between master Yoda and this Mr Gerson, aka, Yagoda.

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Already posted yesterday? Let me see if I can find it.

Edit: Found it!

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Rothschild Rolling.

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Sweet, sweet subversion. I bet even Rian Johnson would be proud.

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Proper subversion only requires a few people directing it. Human nature is exploited to amplify their reach to an entire country, over many decades. I can only imagine what can be possible if we, with our greater numbers, start using it.

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VOAT is exposing all the lies and fraudulence of the left. Keep it going.

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Hava nagila

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