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Obama is not a hero to white Americans. America has been diluted by outsiders without a western tradition of rule of law and universal justice. Nixon was impeached during an age when whites held their government accountable. Obama was lauded in an age where the country is further and further full of thralls incapable of the thought required to hold polititians accountable.

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Well said. Also, idiocracy. Enjoy the decline.

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Idiocracy was a hypothesis, we are pushing back.

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Even we niggers hate Obongo. Especially after what that nigger did to Gaddafi

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They should, and Hillary for being so fucking joyful to bring slavery back to Africa. And the dumbass blacks still support her!!

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Gaddafi did more for Libya than our own Deep (CIA) State sponsored Terrorism.

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That spying started loooong before Obama. Probably since the internet's inception.

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way, way before that. and way before project shamrock in the 80's(i think) just to name one.

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Also Echelon.

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Tom Steyer is funding needtoimpeach.com which are a series of ads saying "Trump is the most corrupt president ever, and we all know it".

My family is retarded and when I see them nod their heads in agreement I ask them what about Nixon?

Their response is "you know what he means".

I think Trump is right when he says liberals are crazy. They really know nothing and seem to have regressed to some adolescent dependent-like state. This is why I left living in cities and moved to the woods.

Ted Kaczynski was right in just about everything he said and wrote.

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He was

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Apparently, presidents that fucked up had a lot more humility back then.

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Dumbo a hero? Since fucking when?

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Since the entitled nigger and faggot white cuck made it so. No hero to me. The "man"hated America.

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Democrats are fuckin retards. If the media started telling them Obama was a bad guy and to start hating niggers, they would.

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Cheney started it, but yeah, Obamarama made it worse.

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That's like saying Lyndon B. Johnson started if because John F. Kennedy made his assassination worse.

Obama is a fall guy. Manufactured by our own spooks who Blackmail the Swamp. These spooks include Defense Contractors and Security Clearance past/present holders. Hell, even low level executive public servants can be flagged by their spending habits in real time.

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