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https://imgoat.com/uploads/ecca5b6365/184293.png I fixed the lizard people for you

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Lol even better

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Fuck the illegals. Fuck the cry baby NPC'S that don't want the wall. The wall will save American tax payers from doling out their money on foreign Invaders over our own people. If these librards don't like it they can GTFO of America. Oh dropping the Jews want us to build wall hoping VOAT users will rally against the wall is fucking retarded. Nice try OP.

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But it's ok to force us to pay for abortions though...the hypocrisy from the left is astounding.

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I don't recall if after a King Obama TV address to the nation... there was a rebuttal immediately right after from salty GOP reps ready to undermine him and reeeeeee. Anyways, they could not have picked a better duo, ha ha.

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Can someone ask Chuck and Nancy how they feel about the wall in Israel that american taxpayers paid for?? They have to be asked this question.

No welfare, free medical treatment or disability for foreigners ever. That will cure the problem.

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Their picture was so creepy even Huffington faggots mocked it.

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You can see the demons inside

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Israel is behind all the treachery and evil in our part of the world mostly.

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