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Niggers owe WHITE people reparations for feeding, sheltering, clothing, pretending they are equal to WHITE people and allowing them to live.

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Really though, what is welfare?

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Just change the name of food stamps and social security to reperations.

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Welfare is warfare.

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Welfare is not a form of reparation, it is a path to control.

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The niggers have already been paid many times over in the form of welfare.

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Since it was the British who ended the global slave trade, do people of British ancestry get a rebate? How about people whose ancestors fought on the Union side in the Civil War?

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What about the descendants of Brits and/or men who fought on the Union side? I'd qualify for a rebate too!

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The civil war wasn't about slavery?

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It was about slavery, in the context of the greater issue of which is the supreme power the state government or the federal government. That's why there was such a big conflict about admitting slave states and free states not wanting to upset the balance in congress. There was a lot of other issues like tariffs and all this comes under the big umbrella of economic power and political power but slavery was definitely a huge issue that involved all of these other reasons.

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Its already been paid a dozen times over. Never should have been, look what it created.

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It was paid with the blood of hundreds of thousands of white men during the war between the states.

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They've already been paid back a dozen times over.

Niggers owe US reparations for having to put up with their criminality.

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If reparations are due then

They aren't.

Stop cucking, retard.

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Stop being a douche and ass rape yourself with a glass cactus you worthless jewdoole

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What I'd like to know is how many slave ships were there in total, and what percentage of them were owned by "Jews"? Where do I seek out this information? I need better perspective.

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I have links here.

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