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Bravo, I love these.

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Thanks! Took a while to find a picture of Yoda that looked like Chuck Schumer. lol

edit: Here ya go.

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They have online programs that merge and transform between 2 photos, making a composite.

You play with a few sliders to get it right.

Just google "online photo composite maker" or "celeb face joiner" or soemthing .

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TLDR me on Genrikh Yagoda.

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This doesn't make Hitler look good - wearing the exact same moustache and a vaguely similar style of uniform and then becoming more famous would help obscure this guy from memory. There are no coincidences.

Though this might give us a good opportunity to make nazi memes out of him to poke fun at leftists who can't tell the difference.

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Killed 7 - 10 million, a decade before the alleged holocaust by the Nazis.

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You really wanna read about Judas Maccabees that niggah went hard.

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Keep making these and we will keep spreading,them

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The real jewish holocaust.

One of the real jewish holocausts.

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Every time I think I've found the bottom of the rabbit hole.

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Almost three hours old account?

You have no idea how deep this hole is.

Keep going.

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Obviously this is an alt. Or did you miss the 20 other alts people created mocking blackriflecoffee?

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I looked him up its unbelievble how obvious the jew infiltration is yet 80 to 90 perfent of americans completely ignore it or deny its really happening? Did the jews really perfect mass brainwashing? Because im about out of theories? Just the german revolution after ww1 should have opened the worlds eyes to their evil ways and nope we went right back in listening to their propaganda and fighting the germans again.

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The Holocaust makes them untouchable, just like slavery makes nigs untouchable. Even if you do notice, you have to immediately put that away because it’s immoral.

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Makes me think about it more. Maybe thats why im in the 10 percent with my eyes wide open to the jew crimes against america.

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Yes, they perfected it 40 years ago. It’s self-reinforcing. Americans do it to each other now. They will never fight back at all, ever again.

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Why do I love these so much? Holomdor one fucking killed me

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Keep them coming!

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