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It's easy not to notice all the porn if you don't seek it out. I haven't looked at porn for several months now, it's almost like it doesn't exist. It's nice this way.

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Whats wrong with pr0n?

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Porn is poison.

Can you go without it. Can you use your imagination. Can you get aroused with out porn.

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Porn is the only thing Jews give out for free. That alone should make you highly suspicious.

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Porn is trannies

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The Eight Stages of the Rise and Fall of Civilizations

Civilizations always starts and ends with violence.

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Death throes are Best throes.


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Where in the cycle do you think we are now?

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The part where athletes and actors are more famous than scientists and politicians. The part where degeneracy is rampant. The part where unending waves of invaders are welcomed in with open arms.

Not sure. I hope we are near the end.

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End of prosperity.

Beginning of mass supression and the rise of corrupt polity. Basically, more bread and circus for the mass. Endless war to feed the military class, while the elite have their wild orgies.

Afterthat comes the infrastructure failure, fringe province rebelling, and then the currency debassing accelerate to keep the whole thing going. It usually ends in a bang (coup, civil war) or a whimper. Everything decays slowly while evrybody trying to hold on to the old days.

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Apathy, being led in to dependence

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Somewhere between Apathy and Dependence.

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you know what... I just realized that this cycle also applies to ones self... I had faith and started my own business , it grew because I was willing to leave it all behind and pursue my dream... when they jewed me out of 100k I fell hard... and now I'm rebuilding

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Too many niggers and kikes.

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Let "Rome" fall... it is corrupt and dying, anyway... And then there will be a much greater nation rising from its ashes... a "city on a hill!"

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Fall of Rome yes. And while they didn't have porn delivered to your bed chamber they did have massive and more or less continuous orgies.

In many ways we're like a parody; faking Rome.

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the fall of the Republic, maybe.

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I read civilizations need a war cycle every 75-80 years. The whole good times weak men thing. Well, 1945 was almost 75 years ago. You can see the degeneracy that is running rampant over our biological senses and apathy is destroying our people. It is honestly only a matter of time. It makes you undersrand why the jews put us in so many wars over the years. Besides the MIC they were trying to delay the cycle.

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