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I fucking hate sub-human, 60 IQ sand nigger savages.

Anyone here remember when you didn't know what islam was?

Remember that joke with the truck driver, the priest and the hitch hiking paki?

Good times.

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I remember way back in high school (pre-9/11) I had to write a one page paper on islam for some proto sjw teacher. I basically wrote "Islam is a false religion, it must suck to die and realize you chose the wrong religion" obviously I got a zero on the paper, good times.

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You do that today the thought police kick you're door in.

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Haha awesome. When I went to community college for a short time my teacher asked to write a 2 page paper on why Ellen Degeneres kissing her partner on the front page of like Times magazine was a good thing.

I explained how its morally bankrupt and corrupts children into believing that it's normal. How gays used to be killed to stop perverted behavior was a good thing. Well he turned out a faggot and gave me a 0 told me he couldn't read half of it because he was disgusted 😂 best essay I've ever wrote and the only one he recieved

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I remember. Before 9-11, it was nice not knowing what Islam was.

Oh, the days of innocence....

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Need to tell these bitches political correctness is mincing words and what makes women inferior to men. anyone that knows how to code knows you're not getting jack shit done using variables in equations that have multiple values.

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You do know whites are the global minority? Whites make up 11 percent of the worlds popupation! So not all minorities are trash.

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Mexicans will steal the clothes off your back if they think they can get away with it! I was at a yard sale, looking for things to buy and resale. There were 3 mexicans there, 2 men and a woman. I had picked up a pair of cowboy boots that were marked $3. My plan was to sale them for about $50. So in my head I am silently celebrating. I put the boots down on a pile of other things I had picked out and went to look at the other stuff there. The mexicans walked by me toward my pile. A few seconds later I looked at my pile and the boots were gone. Then I see the mexicans going toward a vehicle and one of the men has the boots in his hand. I ask the lady running the sale if he paid her for the boots and she said he didn't. 3 flipping dollars. I learned as a kid that the first impression you make is how people will remember you. I will never trust a mexican! Ever!

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I mean mean minorities. You know, what can be expected of the avg of the phenotype. Just so happens most are mean.

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My mother tried to have a politically driven discussion/argument with me recently over this, because she caught my ruling 3 my eyes at the news covering some VS feel good pro wimmins speech some overpaid celebrity whore gave.

She tried to pull the whole "We're not talking about you, you're taking it too personally" when people mention how shit men apparently are. I tried reasoning with her about things from a male perspective and she straight up told me that men need to just "be humble and step down". It's sad to see my own mother think this way and talk that way to me, women fail to realize that most men struggle with things too. But the female brain tends to generalize things and victimize quickly too.

This mentality is what's killing western men and poisoning western women. The Jews have done an incredible job putting both genders at each other's throats.

I wish I had this as a come back to maybe get some sense into her, but I feel like political discourse is so useless these days. Nobody wants their minds to be changed and only sees dissent from the other side as brainwashed propaganda.

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Your mom needs a good Sean Connery across the face.

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White people are going to be a minority in three years. So I guess that would be "White Trash" then.

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I'd like to see the rest of that thread.

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How many times can you kill your partner? "Countless of times"? I'm having difficulty with both the math and the English.

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