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Fortunately chlamydia can make a woman sterile.

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You don't understand. The great and good leftists fixed all those problems with sex education in the schools. Every single child is taught the importance of safe sex. The fact that STDs have increased over 300% since sex education means that the blame has to be attributed to Republicans that promote abstinence outside of marriage. It's their fault everyone didn't have STDs pre sex education.

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%100 Drunpf's fault.

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Skin tone tells me nothing of value was lost. It was never going to be a loving and caring parent.

If fact, it's best if these low IQ monkey's never breed.

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Look at the ram air intake on that monkey- damn

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LMFAO I have a ws6 and you just killed me with that.

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You made me spit out my breakfast.

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Great post. My last job was as security for a large entertainment conglomerate in NYC, and many of the employees (particularly the females) and vistors were shameless pansexuals, lesbians, and Luciferians—including the bitch who sat next to me every day. They would openly discuss their creepy sexual predelictions and loveless couplings. One demented, attention-seeking whore went around the whole property wishing people a “happy solstice” and thusly admitted that she was a practicing witch. I’m agnostic/athiest, but these Satanists creep me the fuck out.

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You fucking realize "solstice" is a scientific term for the point at which the days are the longest/shortest, right? It has nothing to fucking do with witchcraft. It actually came from greek celestial navigation practices you uneducated twit.

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Yes, it does. The Druids and other pagans and their modern-day creep equivalents worship the advent of spring and fall as well as Halloween and the false celebration of Christmas and Easter on the wrong days.

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Thank god this ape got removed from breeding (thank you chlamydia) but ...if it did breed, we would have to pay its welfare and prison and rehabilitation, thank god this nigger is sterile.

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Another mystery meat slut. Any chick that asks you to open the boarders, the relationship or your wallet is not a keeper.

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Mystery meats

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