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The price of gold in 1930 was about $20.00 per ounce. One dollar would buy 1/20, one twentieth of an ounce of gold. At current market price, an ounce of gold is worth ~$1,250.00 so one twentieth of that is about $60.00. IOW, a dollar from the 1930s is worth about 60 times more that what a federal reserve note is worth today.

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oy vey delete your post before goys catch on to this.

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I was doing some remodeling in an old building in America. Found some newspapers that they used for insulation and there was a story wrote by some broad about how her and her husband were able to save $1.35 for a weeklong camping vacation.

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I love finding stuff like that. Really makes you wish for simpler times

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But muh consumer price index!!!!

Federal reserve = inflation

Federal reserve is to print money and giving the new money to the rich.

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a modern bank run would be everybody buying gold with all their money.

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largest scam ever perpetuated

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largest scam

Greatest crime.

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In the end Aliens will beat it.

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This is one thing that pisses me right off. Especially having fallen victim to the higher education Jew and owing tons of shekels now because of it. We all know what needs to be done to this organization.

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higher education Jew

I know that feel, man.

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How small do you want your gold coins to be to buy one bag of beans?

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That's what silver is for, the one pictured at the top of both images.

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Buy in bulk, barter what you don't need for services. Job done.

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You can currently trade in your fiat for physical silver at a very reasonable price.

I'd suggest doing so.

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I'm not a hardcore prepper but I'd recommend buying food/bullets/water/everyday supplies for a one year period before buying silver.

If you are going to eat/drink/use them anyways why not have a year in advance? If there is an EMP/civil uprising/major transportation upsets/revolution your gold and silver is useless in the short term. After the situation calms down then silver and gold will become the first currency.

Diversify your assets but ensure you have the most important first (food and water) then protection ,hygeine and fuel (guns/bullets, 2by4's + tools, bandaids, H2O2, antibiotics, propane, lighter fluid) then your everyday items/luxury items (toilet paper, razors, books, board games, cards, paper/paint/crayons/pencil crayons). After this gold and silver are important but I would suggest buying silver in nickle/dime/quarter/dollar coins. These were not forfeited (so it's proof they are silver) and they will be able to purchase food in daily amounts (utilities might not always be on).

I'm sure I've missed things but having a year of food and water (or water treatment supplies -- e.g., a few drops of chlorine will sterilize a quart of water) will go much further than a couple bricks of gold if shit hits the fan.

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Not a hardcore prepper... Holy shit I've got some work to do...

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I would suggest buying silver in nickle

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"Since 1968, silver certificates have only been redeemable in Federal Reserve Notes and are therefore basically obsolete, though the certificates are still legal tender."

The last two are the same.

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Now they are the same, but when they were issued they were world's apart; one was meant to help the people, one was meant to rob the people.

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The silver dollar was there to give the illusion of security. Both were there to rob the people. Silver certificate was demonimated in USD, which was inflated by the federal reserve. Just because you could redeem one directly for silver but buy the silver on the market with the other one made little difference.

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Give me control of a nations currency and I care not who makes its laws. -A. Rothchild.

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Richard Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. POS

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Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Reserve Act into law. Also a POS.

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Richard Nixon took us off the Gold Standard. POS

He took us off the gold standard because it was a farce and the jig was up. There wasn't enough gold to back up the dollars being printed. And that's why I sneer at the gold peddlers like Peter Schiff that want to return to the "gold standard". Because the exact same thing will happen again as always happens when there's a gold standard. It will be stored in banks, represented as paper or digital numbers in an account, and debased until we are right back at where we started.

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