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Someone should add *citation needed


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They have a citation, that's what the [16] is.

I just checked the site, that phrase is no longer there, though they do say:

Voat's Germany-based web hosting service, Host Europe (a precursor to Webfusion), shut down the service in June 2015 and alleged Voat "was publicizing incitement of people, as well as abusive, insulting and youth-endangering content" as well as "illegal right-wing extremist content".

This is their citation

The Voat page is also

Part of a series on:

I checked the history of the page, the phrase in OP's image was removed yesterday with this note:
"The source on "it is known for illegally sharing material" only talks about how sites with free speech will eventually have to deal with copyright restrictions, and mentions a single example (that time when celebrity nudes got leaked), which could be applied to any similar site, like reddit."

This is the citation they used:


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Part of a series on: Antisemitism

of course. every time.


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"illegal right-wing extremist content".

We doin Gods work.


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illegal right-wing extremist content

They probably had seen a picture with a white guy and a white woman and a white kid forming a family and got triggered hard.


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Good information. Maybe I'm just old and slow but I don't understand how to look at their edits page. Seems like a bunch of randomness.

They have updated the page now, what they had is gone. Weird coincidence that I just noticed it right before it went down.


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*Citation needed.