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"...and Bolshevik Communist Starvation"

is too much. Anyone who sees this will realize that they're being mislead. On the other hand,

Google: Holodomor

would work very well, I think, and have the desired effect. For instance, "Ruby Ridge" sounds like it could possibly be a porn name. So this

works. You have a chance with "Holodomor," but certainly not with the rest. Good luck & happy memeing.

[–] ephesians5_11 0 points 7 points (+7|-0) ago 

And I'm loving the misdirection memes! I think they're successful, especially since I believe that leftists shut down completely if they think info is coming from anywhere right of the center.

For instance, years ago when I was on reddit, people would downright refuse to look at any link I'd suggest if they thought (for any reason) that I wasn't a bleeding-heart liberal. I posted this

with the title "Trusting the CIA" and people immediately assumed that I was "shilling" for (then candidate) Trump, when I was merely trying to raise awareness about how untruthful the CIA can be, was, and still is. People shut the fuck down and (based on their replies) didn't even bother to read the image.

Back to your meme, when the lefties read "Bolshevik Communist" they'll immediately think, "FUCK DRUMPF!!" because a dichotomous choice is all they know EVEN THOUGH you and I and anyone sharing your image may not necessarily support or give a fuck about republican/democrat puppet politics. Again, I do think you'd have some success with

Google: Holodomor

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So good to see a mention of Holodomor. It is a fascinating bit of history that not many people know about.

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The more that "normies" start talking about the Holodomor, the better.