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Liberals are racist as hell. Almost every argument they have regarding blacks boils down to blacks aren't good enough to be trusted with anything or to do anything on their own and white people have to take care of everything for them. To them blacks are too lazy and dumb not to fall into the trap of violence and drugs so white people have to save them from themselves.

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The liberals aren't wrong in their conclusion that blacks are low IQ, low agency, and have low impulse control. The problem is the shit they typically want to implement to "fix" the problem affects whites as well. The real fix is easy, stop feeding the animals and allow them an easy way back to their natural habitat and shut the door behind them.

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They never intend to fix any problems. They in fact want problems so they can justify solutions to the problems they create. Of course their solution is always higher taxes and more government. It's all about a power grab. They feed upon problems they create. Leftists are the buzzards of humanity. Except these buzzards also recklessly drive cars so as to create their own carrion. They then blame the car manufacturers.

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The alternative could also be to keep them under an iron fist like the old days.

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The real fix is easy, stop feeding the animals and allow them an easy way back to their natural habitat and shut the door behind them.

I'm pretty sure the radical black movement of the 1960's, was based on confederate plans from the 1860's, which was identical to how Americans chose to deal with Native Americans but the fed couldn't monetize Native Americans so they didn't want to repeat history.

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Both of these 2 camps are caused by a lack of historical context, a limited view about humanity and a general misunderstanding about what race is, how long it takes to create a race, a culture and how quickly a race or nation of people can be uplifted or destroyed.

Yes, this is a blind spot that many people have, its due to a complete ignorance of history and economics, AND how closely those two are intertwined, along with an ignorance of how easily ALL humans can be corrupted. Every. Single. One.

There s a bible saying that goes "pride goeth before a fall"

The end game will be what everyone makes of it societally wise. its best to get your own affairs straight, try to forsee whats coming at ll times and prepare yourself to either escape it, take advantage of it, or endure it.

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Can someone with an IQ of 85 be "liberal"? Of course not, 85 IQ (niggers) is essentially retarded. A retard cannot be racist because they can't think with complexity, like a dog or a woman.

Liberals aren't racist. Zionist Jews are racist and "liberals" aka "conservatives" are their fuckmeat slaves.

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Yeah, I don’t want to turn into the guy on the left, but... maybe he had a reason?

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I'm quite familiar with his reasons.

Try growing up in a 70% nigger school.

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No thanks, I’d probably run away by 16

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Blacks commit 70% of gun crime. Hispanics another 24%.

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The obvious solution is to ban guns, for niggers only.

Then of course, move them to Liberia so they don't have to be affected by white racism.

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Extermination is a better solution. We try and exterminate cockroaches so what’s the difference?

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Yes, it is a better solution.

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black man

black people

You're a cuckold.

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Sosat menya professor fellyatsii

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Jewish Media needs to burn

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It would difficult to be more full of bullshit than this post. As a liberal, I can assure you we blame racism AND guns.

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yevreyskaya mraz'

I wish you were here. My wife would “take care of you”. She would not do this in a pleasant way like you sexually “take care” of your nigger masters. She would humiliate a piece of shit like you. After she humiliated you for being a soy boy POS she would kill you and unceremoniously bury you under the pool.

You sick and deserve to be dead sooner rather than later. Remember that and have a great day.

pozhaluysta, umri skoreye ot boli

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Ummmmm... w h a t ?

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The problem is niggers, jews and spics and the fags that defend them.