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You arrogant piece of shit.

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"Every man, and every body of men on earth, possesses the right of self-government." ~Opinion on Residence Bill, 1790 Thomas Jefferson

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no Sally its because you and your type are totally useless and civilization would fail if it relied on you for anything critical

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“Working” class, and “warrior” class look like very similar words.

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Who is she? Her Twitter account is now protected so you cannot view any of it unless you were already a follower.

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I found it via Twitter. Someone got a screenshot before she locked her account.

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But if the working class somehow agreed with her politics THEN she'd sing their praises, I'll bet.

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You would be considered enlightened, but still in need of a caretaker.

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And who better to be a caretaker of physical laborers than a pencil-pushing fresh-outta-college activist who was sheltered most of his life by an overweight soccer mom with a bad haircut?

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Hm... when I think of men + professional, I think assassin. But women + professional = whore. I wonder what kind of important decisions she meant. Usually people decide things in a way they benefit from.

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Holy shit this is one of the best things I've read... Ever.

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Sally thinks the working class is not capable of important decisions needed in building, wiring and plumbing her house. Hope her house burns down so she can redo it herself.

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i dont think you can rely on an accident for that.

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You are being too kind. ;-)

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Seems to me the "leading" class can't lead for shit

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