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I think you are being a tad too critical of people; if you were stuck in the rat race, living paycheck to paycheck and raising 3 or 4 rugrats, would you have the time and inclination to lurk in obscure websites and learn the truth?

Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but I think it's our responsibility to instruct those who can't or chose not to do so.

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Yes i would and do. I am in the rat race.

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This. There's no excuse. Even if they were to ask simple questions poking at an established narrative that'd be fine too, because it shows some critical thinking. A lot of people don't want to do that because they're fine with what's happening.

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No shit. Am I in 2015? This has already been well-fucking-established. Are people still waking up to this? Holy fuck.

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Worse to get your news from the goverment. Wtc 7 fell due to office fires. 1st and last time in history that will happen to a steel and concrete skyscrapper

Also the moonlanding story is fucking hillarious.

Every ounce of weight mattered on the original moooon landings. Yet they took a fucking dunemoonbuggy and a gold club!! Lol

They did a live broadcast with a phone call to the president on live tv with almost no delay perfect worked perfect

They went through the van allen radiation belts in a tin and aluminum hull! Lol and 3 different nasa astrounaghts recently said we dont have the technology to get through the van allen belts now one said we would need 5 foot thick lead shield.

Not one picture from the moon or the flight that shows stars for some reason.

The greatesr human achievment and nasa recorded over the telemtry data! Sure right good one lol.

Almost no clear goos pictures of the earth from the moon and not one picture of an astronaught with the earth in the back ground

One timeline with modern technology said 20 years to get to the moon in 1969 they did it faster i guess they had really good tech back then! Lol

The rock buzz aldrin gave to a museum in holland was petrified wood. Lol!

In the interview after they got back one astrobaught said i dont remember seeing any stars! Lol go out and lokk at the sky u will see stars now imagine being on the moon with no atmospher and saying you couldnt see stars

They fucking way they talk during their time on the moon sounds more like guys going to the beach not guys 290,000 miles from earth in the vacum of space where any tiny mistep is certain death. Go back and listen and realise there is no fucking way they should be that gib and relaxed.

Im sure there is more but those 10 things should at least make you raise your eyebrows and think maybe something is not right.

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Did some of the original but it's get erased over for something fishy like that recently. Also there was some interview with astronauts when they got back on Earth where they were all acting really strange, have you seen that?

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Yes on of the astronaghts said. I dont remember seeing any stars. Then he got the shut the fuck up elbow from neil armstrong. Neil armstrong basicaly became an alcholic and didnt do interviews. The entire thing has way to holes and weird coincidences to be believed.

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Don't be a complete idiot. There's a lot of crap on all the networks, and yet, they are a million times more accurate than all the deep-state, conspiracy assholes who rely on you gullible types.

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Im not one of those people.

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Honesty the government should reveal the true nature of the news. Just after the SEA EYE AYE is culled of commies.

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Maybe a quarter of the population are too lazy to research, but really the majority of people are still brainwashed and think the mainstream media/press are legitimate trustworthy news sources.

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Journalism is just propaganda. When you are aware of that it becomes easy to spot the specific techniques they use to make you form the opinion they want you to have. It's also all about money, too. Bottom line is they have to make money so they invent stories and dramatize mundane things to make it more interesting.

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If you don't read the newspaper you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper you are misinformed.

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