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May as well be talking to cats & squirrels.


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Cats and squirrels are far, far more reasonable than niggers. I don't expect either of them to cause trouble and disturb the peace.


[–] Phantom42 1 point 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

Squirrels and raccoons are pretty fucking cool once they realize you're alright and feed them here and there. I remember when I was hunting one time and a little baby raccoon (not so much a baby now) found me not too far from where I've fed him several times. Little guy just looked at me, got within a foot of me, and just kinda chilled out there for a couple minutes for climbing a tree behind me.

It was pretty damn cool.

There was also another time I was hunting where I almost took a shot at a deer, but he only had one antler. Nothing exactly "trophy-worthy". Anyway, fast forward about 15 minutes and this deer gets within about five feet of me and just stops and is looking dead at me. It was probably for about thirty seconds we were just staring, just kinda figuring each other out, then this dude just walks along right past me, didn't check to look behind him, nothing.

Eventually he came back and I had moved a little bit to get up and walk back to the truck. I was kneeling and this deer came back by, got within a couple feet of me and the staring contest was back. I don't know if it was a "huff" of approval or what, but that deer just kinda huffed a bit, and then just walked his little butt back across the field.

Those two little experiences were certainly something. Especially the deer.


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idk, i had squirrels fucking up my soffits, then i started feeding the local feral cats and the squirrels disappeared. basically squirrels are niggers.


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Yes, I've spoken to the cat in the house and the squirrel in the back. They always don't listen but they are receptive to the sound of my voice.