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Why are those smurfs attacking that man?

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Sporting events are one of those things that should be done on the community-level, where people that want to get their exercise and can blow off pent-up energy by being competitive. This is especially useful for young males, that don't know what to do with themselves. You can get your exercise, release pent-up energy, and learn discipline doing sports.

Professional sports, however, is nothing more than a distraction and a waste of time. They're turning women's sports into a freak show, and honestly, I don't give a fuck. No one wants to watch women be athletic, anyway. That is, unless you're a dyke and/or a feminist.

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That shit ain’t right. Though, I don’t really mind if he runs all over the Muslim teams.

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Can you imagine when there's women's boxing? There will broken necks left and right.

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I think there was a transvestite mma fighter recently who just kicked the shit out of all the women.

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Is this even halal?


women's sports are now more fun than Japanese gameshows

These girls can barely contain their laughter. They are probably thinking: "thank God it's on our side"


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women's sports are now more fun than Japanese gameshow

Ha! women's sports only became interesting when men joined in. This is sure to trigger some feminists.

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Why does that man have Robert Paulson's tits?

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I say this needs to be accelerated. Destroy the sports events that keep people distracted and wake them up to degeneracy. It will kill two birds with one stone.

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I would love to watch some bat-shit crazy aussie dude in a ponytail beat up a bunch of iranian chicks!

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Women are just as good as men so clearly this is perfectly fine. Stop fighting it bigot. /s