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So is the prosecution going to use this against him as a way to prove "premeditation"? Like he planned and really wanted to get surrounded by an insane, frenzied mob while driving? And like he wanted that fat whore to die of a heart attack?

Btw, this whole case drives me nuts- from everything I've seen, the obese bitch who died was like 30 feet away from the vehicle when he floored it to gtfo of danger. She just got scared and her heart couldn't take it.

Maybe if you're in that condition, you shouldn't be participating in frenzied semi-riots? Will the court acknowledge that the dead woman had a hand in her own death? Of course not- in Western courts, women aren't responsible for their actions. According to our courts/society, women are too stupid and childlike to ever understand that their actions may have consequences.

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No. There's a lot wrong with your statement.

Courts deal with evidence. Proof is for math and movies.

That aside, it won't give evidence to support premeditation. It is to show character. It is evidence that they will use to support their claim that he has a history of disregard for the health and safety of protestors and that he was aware that his vehicle could be used as a weapon during the event.

Note the words are chosen with care in my post. Note that I am, in no way, indicating support for the prosecution. I'm just explaining why they'd introduce those as evidence. The defense will likely try to portray it as humor and the jury will decide how much, if any, weight they give it when reaching their conclusion.

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sound rationale explanation of the judicial system has no place on social media, even among-st other lawyers. But ya everything you said is right.

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If she died that easily from a little excitement then the incident at the protest only sped up her death by a few days. People with hearts that bad are marked for death. It could have been a flight of stairs or it could have been a scary movie on Netflix.

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Would you expect any sort of logical prosecution of the opposition were chock full of Jews, blacks, and traitorous women?

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They aren't that far off

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Oy got a loicence for that meme?

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I'm of the mindset that if a section of road isnt quarantined off and designated as a controlled protest area then it doesn't void the right of way of drivers and the protestors are actually just illegally obstructing traffic. If they start attacking the person driving the car, all bets are off and someone is getting ran over if they don't clear a path.

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That's the world of sanity. Not the jew controlled insane mess we live in. Its bullet time. ... Damn I wish I owned a gun. Maybe that's what the next paycheck is going to get me.

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So the prosecution is trying to prove that he has a diligent work ethic?

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The prosecution is trying to prove that he's a big bad meanie. The defence is trying to prove that he's a scaredy cat.

I know that sounds like a joke, but that is literally the entire case for each side.

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Well I heard that James Fields gave someone a heart attack by making eye contact with them without consent.

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ROFL this meme has been around before windows xp

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But so has been the knowledge that you don't post on the internet with your real identity.

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Because there's no such thing as a joke

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I'm just curious, is it possible that James Fields never posted those memes on Twitter and that the prosecution team planted it on his Twitter account?

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If the CIA can pretend to be Russian on line. No social media "evidence" can be trusted.

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Unless I'm mistaken, the picture is of a Mexican bicycle race a car plowed into, not a protest.


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You're right.

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