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the Globojews have played their hand. They have bet everything that they can hide behind the sjw's and political correctness. Perhaps in another 20 years but they played their cards in Europe too soon. Italy, Poland, and the smaller east Europeans aren't folding. France is waking up, Germany is trying it's best, hell even Sweden is starting to swing right. If political ideologies is a pendelum the west is on a path to radical far-right change. The Globojews have 1 Hail Mary left, and that's world war III and more and more seems like its the only play left.

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The pendulum is a myth. How long have the kikes ran things? One (the left) pushes the agenda while the other (the "right") pacifies the rebellious for a time.

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Then why have jews been hunted like animals from almost every country on Earth and banned from said countries.

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Literally since Jesus, maybe longer.

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World war? Most of the populous have no idea what the fuck is going on in France let alone the rest of the world

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World wars aren't to help us see what's going on they are to distract us from what's going on.

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Is Sweden swinging conservative? I'll believe it when I see it? Germany is not swinging any where. Men are voting conservative, women are now voting even further left, for the full blown Commie 'Green' party.

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I think they're just double-down again on their narrative. Seems that is their playbook. Every time they get called out on their bullshit, they double-down and push the same narrative harder.

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Police stopping people on the street asking their political views. Totally normal.

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I thought they got rid of Stasi?...huh....

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What I can't understand about this is what the hell business is it of the police what her political affiliation is?? Have the left-wing's fascist thought-police gotten that far, already ?

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it get's even better - that Twitter account is not viewable from within Germany


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Gehen Sie weiter, Bürger, der Inhalt dieser Zwitschers könnte Teile der Bevölkerung verunsichern.

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What are the "local laws?" What's it say when you click on learn more?

Really scary to think about.

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the warning is gone now and the tweet is accessible - wtf

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jesus, that is scary.

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https://archive.fo/vwDd4 :

Amy Mek on Twitter: "ALERT - The old German Stasi Police State is Back!

Police stopped a German girl & asked her political affiliations based upon her braided hair style

Braids on German girls are now considered an indicator that you are a "FAR RIGHT WING EXTREMIST"

This is NOT going to end well!… /d04pEv8vYw"

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If she's not "far right" she should be now

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We need a White Day to celebrate our European heritage, to show how proud we are of it. Sep 12, the day of both Battle of Marathon and Battle of Vienna, is perfect.

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oh yeah that nose ring just screams nazi

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