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there's logic in what you say, but at the same time, that's also degenerate.

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who not both!?


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Ephesians 5:5 KJV "For this ye know, that no whoremonger, nor unclean person, nor covetous man, who is an idolater, hath any inheritance in the kingdom of Christ and God". I can justify and rationalize the sins in the flesh all I want. I could also see how any time spent with a whore (any woman who has sex outside of marriage is a whore) degenerates me, and in turn, I am not able to face the person that could be my wife, and instead I face sin. Slippery slope indeed.


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Women are gonna be whores whether you fuck around or adhere to some irreligious asceticism. There is no reason at all to not have one night stands, because I guarantee that slut you think you might have a future with after the first date isn't thinking about anything other than having her sardine sinkhole filled. I'm not saying you won't form a relationship eventually or a relationship you already have is bad. I'm just saying to you amd everyone out there, do not expect great things from women.


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Women require men to be whores. Great mental gymnastics are involved in the justification of "women are massive whores, so may as well fuck them all anyways."


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Trust in a relationship is everything. It takes the commitment, self control and ego destruction of both to increase trust. Its like any sports team. The best teams are the ones where all players of varying talents can push aside individual accolades, selfishness and ego for a common goal of winning a championship. This trust when developed in courtship then goes into marriage which then goes into their eventual children. The genesis of a good family reverberates from the strength of this courtship which is what occurs in the first year. If there is cheating, fighting, disrespect, etc... then how can you possibly expect any solid foundation for a good marriage let alone a family. This is why more families are suffering today because there are increasingly more selfish and ignorant horny morons who dont know wtf they were doing as a result of the fundamental christian principles of marriage being swiped from under them thanks to cultural marxism. If we are to ever improve society which originates in the family, then we must begin to return to the fundamentals that made our society strong in the first place, the judeo christian ethic.


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I can relate since for quite some time (15+ years) I believed that unless I fucked a girl on the first night, I lost. So I basically only dated girls that I fucked on the first night, because in my insane view, if someone else had fucked her, especially if they got it the first night, then if I didn't that somehow made me less of a man. Insane right. But I realize now that is such a destructive view, for me and her. It cuts me off totally from having anything resembling a healthy relationship. Now I only seek out women who have not had sex at all, and court them, rather then engage in the self destruction that is modern dating.