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They're all on voat. Case closed.

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So that's what day-mode niggers look like.

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The lighter the screen, the smaller the brain.

Edit: found two brainlets! Turn on nightmode you divotheads!

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Whoa. Plot twist. Well played!

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When you determine the value of your existance based off your purposeless labor and pretentious posse, living in the boonies is a death sentence. They have no idea what theyre doing, nor the time to care, because of what theyre doing. Pointless busywork to stall their lives out until they gracelessly expire and their place in life replaced with a nigger to further accelerate the decline of the nation.

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Their parents pay for it.

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The most important and accurate statement in this thread.

No young person in Manhattan is self-sustained. Their parents are either paying their rent or buying their clothes and food or some mixture thereof.

I don't think that's a negative tho. The boomer parents won't leave the workforce, so there aren't high-paying jobs available for millenials. Millenials end up living the same lifestyle they would if they were making the money they should, but it is heavily subsidized. The net result is the same tho, so it's not a bad thing. The problems are where boomers are miserly and don't let their wealth trickle down to their progeny because of the classic boomer hollier-than-thou complex,, where they think they worked extra hard to earn their wealth and their children are lazy. Truthfully, boomers didn't work at all, millenials work slightly more but are under much more stress due to unfulfilling lives in the downward spiral of moral degredation.

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You said it! Manhattan is a filthy shit show filled with cynical, arrogant, self-important NPCs. In fact, that whole state is a cancer collective of miserable people.

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Is this a jewish only bar or something?

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It's a gay bar.

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Even the bartender is looking at the big iPhone mounted on the wall.

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Holy Shit! Nice catch!

Everyone gets a rectangle to look at!

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He's looking for hope, somewhere. Pleading that all of those fuckers die a horrible, excruciating death.

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That bartender looks like he hates having to even be in their presence. He's a goat.

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If an EMP bomb hits and takes out electronic devices, will they survive?

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I hope not.

I went to a bar in the East Village, and tried like, talking to people. Finally ended up talking to some twentysomething kid for an hour.

His opening line, "You're not from NYC, are you?"

Cy: "No, how do you know?"

20kid: "Because you are trying to talk to people and not stare at your phone the whole time."

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Ever notice that you are the only one in the subway without a phone? I make an effort to stay off it on the train- prefer to relax or read a book. Everyone else is glued to their screens.

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No. 90% of people will die, thankfully.

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I think it was posted here a few years back, but there was this bar owner in the UK that got so tired of it that he made his bar into a faraday cage effectively killing all signals.

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A resto-bar in Waterloo Canada installed a cellphone jammer so that clients would be forced to speak to one another and create a social space unlike others. She was sued and forced to remove the device due to it being a safety hazard. Funny thing about the same location was that she was also sued and tried in public through the media for firing a girl she hired for making out with her lesbian partner while working. The owner was classed as homophobic but her case was that while working one shouldn't be flirting and making out with your partner.

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Oh cause theres Jews everywhere?

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When youre surrounded by vapid worthless assholes, you find something more interesting to look at. Thisis human nature. We used to have magazines and newspapers, before that books, and before that we would just stare glassy-eyed into the distance. Bitching about phones is as useless as the people who only ever stare at their phones. Either be more engaging or stop trying to engage with idiots.

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This is it. You don't really want to be talking to normies, and women feel they are too good to be talking to any men that are realistic matches for them, so at least we have our devices.

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That bit about women is especially frustrating as it justification for white men to chase asian girls who are not as useless because they have not been subjected to the same level of jew propaganda.

Control over the behavior of normie women is the only worthwhile metric of the direction of civilization.

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