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She hasn't made one single decision for herself in the entire story.

Oh yeah, it isn't just a story, she's asking random strangers from off the street what she should do.

She's a typical victim of the horrendous feminist movement. She can't and therefore shouldn't be forced into placing a stronger masculine influence - that she could have relied on instead - lower in her life's importance than random schizoids on the internet or the competitive girlfriend, or the upstair's neighbor.

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And we let them fucking vote. White Sharia now.

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Women are allergic to any sense of responsibility or agency. They will come up with any reason possible to blame someone else for their actions.

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The whole idea of opening your legs to invaders or dying is as old as time. Maybe the answer is that anyone who thinks a 3 month holiday away from someone you are pretending to be committed to is bullshit. The last thing your gf/wife should have is single female friends...

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And why not? Has not Mommy and Daddy provided a 'free pass' to nearly every fuck-up she managed, from crib til adulthood? Why would a bitch expect any different from Hubby/boyfriend? Why would she ever think that a few crocodile tears would not fix any ill choice? How do you come to expect personal responsibility from one that has nearly always been shielded from the unpleasant consequences of its stupid decisions?

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This story is fiction. Why would an old lady neighbor have her email address? Fake and gay

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She could have found it out to contact her

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Going on vacation without your boyfriend is going to result in a break up 90% of the time anyway, regardless of fucking. It's such a strong red flag I'm surprised women think it's acceptable.

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Anyone who disagrees is a cuck faggot even when they pretend they aren't. My wife isn't going to island nigger fuckville/rapeville without me (especially with some cunt of a single friend). Pretending you are secure in your manhood by allowing this isn't fooling me and there isn't a man alive who would allow this behaviour whose arm I couldn't fucking tear out of socket at this very moment.

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That's sort of the way I used to think. I always had this sort of cognitive dissonance of jealousy in relationships, a tug of war I never had a solid answer on. On the one hand, being jealous of who your girlfriend has as friends, where she goes, what she does can be considered (by modern millenial standards) to be petty, insecure, and indicative of an overly controlling, possessive man who doesn't or can't trust the chicks he dates. On the other, NOT being jealous in the attempt to appear enlightened and wise and chill and relax, someone who is secure in themselves and their relationship and trusts their S.O., opens up the very easy potential for the chick to cheat like crazy without the dude ever knowing or finding out. And if he starts suspected something and leaning in that direction, the bitch starts getting irate about him being controlling, possessive, blah blah blah.

I was never sure what the right path was because I could see it from both sides. As I got older and I saw more and more of the terrible state of modern women caused by modern society, I concluded that trying to be a relaxed, understanding man who was confident in the trust of his relationship was practically asking for exploitation and complete lack of respect from the girl. Women, naturally, also can't decide whether they want you to be jealous or not (like all things, women don't know what they want). Sometimes they want you to be jealous and they'll do shitty things that SHOULD make you jealous, just to see if you react, because to them that means you care. Other times they hate your jealousy, because they want all the benefits you provide while also fucking around with all the hot Chads they can get, with no repercussions.

I wish I was born 60 years ago or something.

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Said differently, there are lines that can’t be crossed. The man needs to establish those boundaries, and one time to do that would be when the other cunt friends went the years before.

And if he wasn’t in the picture at that time, he should have been exceptionally vocal about it when it ever came up.

Another time is when she said she was going to go. No fuck you, that’s not going to happen and have me here.

But looks like it worked out.

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It’s only acceptable when they do it

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I see im not the only one, bitches love to make a guy sound crazy when they put their foot down in these situations

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And not a short one, three months! I would have broken up with her if she tried leaving without me, but then again I wouldn't date a whore that's having per-marital sex and living with her boyfriend.

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Why when she is paying half the rent for the next three months?

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More accurate would be, "there is nothing to be said, you have ended the relationship."

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That is it. Her cunt of a "friend" had him pegged as a home body cuck. He was actually winning the shit and I hope he changed the locks the day she left.

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I can't stop laughing about this. She was relying on his "homebody" personality to carry this through while she fucked everything with a dick. Priceless. Females rarely know what they want, and are often displeased when they get what they think they want.

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Oh yeah, and American women have this idea that foreign lands are full of high quality dick attached amazing men who make love like that glittery vampire from Twilight. WRONG.

[–] benjitsu 1 points 11 points (+12|-1) ago 

That is what happens when women are celebrated as "authors". The only decent female author pretty much wants to gas retards and they can't fucking stand it :)

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Sir, you sound like a well-traveled man.

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Swarthy and smarmy looking for a green card is apparently hot.

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Politically, when the modern woman gets what she wants, she will end up with everything she doesn't want.

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you can do anything you want if you're willing to pay the price.

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I saw my girlfriend on Tinder one night and it really pissed me off, but I didn’t say anything. Later she told me how she gave some guy she met her phone number. This was about two years ago. I didn’t even tell her, but I began asking other girls on dates, going on dates and having fun. I figured she was probably doing the same so what the hell. She began to see me acting more distant to her and amazingly she began obsessing about me again. Never saw her on Tinder after that. Women are such cunts.

Sometimes I feel like to keep a woman, I have to pursue other women. Really strange.

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It's very age dependent, although with the changing media and the feminist brainwashing I've been seeing women in their 40s and early 50s do some batshit stuff. It tends to work out the worst for women in that range. They give up something they've been investing in for decades, ride a couple dicks, and realize how hollow and empty their life is now that the drunk guy doesn't want to actually stay with some middle-aged sloppy seconds. It's actually pretty tragic but these women watch Meredith Gray on television and think that their flings are the key to youth and happiness. It's nutty for women today, man.

But typically these things change as women age. You wonder why men who are successful with women act certain ways when they are young, and you hit the nail on the head. Because when they are young, women are really acting on a mating program. We used to have moral systems that supported monogamy so the rate of women who cheated was lower. They also weren't in the work force and out carrying on private public lives, for very good reasons mind you, not the least of which is that this preserves marriages.

But now (((Marxists))) starting in the 50s and 60s have broken down so much of that old moral structure, and also economic structures too. Does anybody today really believe women in the workforce was about getting women equal pay? No, it was about getting women out and into competitive hierarchies where other successful men would be on display doing what they do, putting women in an environment to be competed for. It's always been about attacking marriage. All the shit we bitch about is really about attacking the male-female pair bond. All of the changes in television, music, books, the attacks on schools and children and gender....it all comes back to marriage. America (the West really) was built on marriage. Society only grew more complex - as complex as it has - because of relatively stabilized monogamy.

But if a stable relationship with a woman is something you'd like, it at least used to be (and probably still is to some extent) that things settled down once you were a bit older.

No-fault divorce was really something that knocked a major chunk off of marriage. Combined with state-sanctioned extortion of husbands to give up alimony, the state has effectively become a "fallback husband" for women. The old tradeoff of giving a lot up went out the window so the state cleans up women's messes.

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I've seen it many times. After menopause and having their children reach 18, they get divorced and turn into whores.

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All the shit we bitch about is really about attacking the male-female pair bond.

YES!!! And the male-female bond is very important (in fact, probably the most important thing) because it's what society uses to reinvent itself, to refresh itself, to create new humans, to continue family lines, to educate children. It's basically the foundation of civilization.

It's about population and ethnic control. Some influential people out there do not want people like you to continue their family line.

Imagine the media emphasized the importance of marriage and children instead of random casual sex and toxic individualism. It'd be a totally different World.

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Excellent post! With regard to divorce, check out this video by Black Pilled on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HwbzF9tKSd8&t=186s

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40s and 50s? why would you pay any attention at all to single women that old?

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Don't act like you are winning you fuck wit. You know how stupid women look when they pretend to be men? You are a man acting like a passive aggressive cunt. She isn't your gf if she is fucking someone else know grow some self respect

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Women don't wear makeup for men, they wear it to ward off other women.

Women are INSANELY competitive, but they are all about jealousy and treachery. Never mistake them for thinking they know what they want, realize that they want to be dominated, owned, and jealously guarded.

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This, i also have been in the same situation. Secure relatuonship? Im going to talk to other guys. Thrn yiu act distant and they chase.

Women want what they think they cant have or dont have

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That’s gold, even better if she says nothing and comes home and has to taste the other chick on her boyfriend for eternity.

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That guy probably lost all respect for her the second she said that shit. I could just imagine the empty dropping feeling under his heart as she said it. "I wasted all of this time on this FUCKING WHORE"

I bet he just uses her for sex and disregards her until she leaves on her own accord, I bet he keeps fucking that other broad too.

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The having sex before marriage and moving in with her boyfriend should have been enough of a red flag.

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That Tory chick isn't completely stupid.

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