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I used to have a girlfriend named Michelle years ago. I never once called her Michael.

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Kinda like the time HW Bush slipped and said he had sex with Reagan.

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That's funny but I don't think it's indicative of a sexual relationship.

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Before her untimely death during a routine throat surgery, Joan Rivers said on video Obummer was gay and Michelle was a tranny ...not to mention all the gay activism Obummer did :o


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Only a woman can be a wife.

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Eggszactly, now I'm picturing Michael balls deep in Barry...FUCK, mind eraser please!

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That, or he pulled one of these because he's basically retarded without a teleprompter.

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There you have it folks straight from the horses mouth.

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Obama said recently in a speech at his Library "when I was in high school, coming out as a gay man was not in the cards"

Look it up; its not hidden

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