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"as a man"

That's a woman pulling the old "as a white person" jew trick. Also, Reddit is cancer. If you are going there expect to be pissed off.

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This. Men rarely use their status to win online arguments, they usually stick to hard logic. It's a woman, most likely fat and/or ugly.

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Rule number 8008 of the internet. Tits or gtfo

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Seriously. The first thing I said was "no way you're a man"...scroll down...."fucking misogynist" screeching. Yup, verified.

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"Quiet down, listen to her, and be better."

That's pretty much verbatim out of the "things feminists screech and no man every actually says" playbook.

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I think it honestly could be a male, I hesitate to say man for obvious reasons, that has never male role model in his life and is drowning in blue-pills. This post reeks of pure indoctrination.

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Yeah definitely.

May as well be a woman for all intents and purposes though. Same thought process.

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I think it's a he, but not a man; a soyboy

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I live in a super left-wing city. Some months ago, I was sitting around a table chatting with a bunch of soyboy faggots (it’s near impossible to find reasonable people to hang out with here), and they all started yammering about male privilege and how hard women have it. I listened for a while, and eventually said something like, “I don’t think it’s very clear which sex has it tougher at this point.”

They all blue-screened for a moment as they tried to digest my blasphemy. Finally one asked what the hell I was talking about, so I said that men and women just face different social pressures. It isn’t true that men simply have it easy and women have it tough. I mentioned suicide rates, homelessness, workplace deaths, child custody cases, and the availability of government assistance. Their response was literally to pull out their phones and record me stating for the record that I don’t believe men have it easier than women in today’s society. They said it was for Snapchat.

This story is 100% true. Welcome to Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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It's much better to be alone than surrounded by faggot NPCs, dude. I'll literally be your pen pal if it gets you away from these retards.

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I have those at work. I just troll them all day. It is almost more fun than talking to someone that agrees with you since they blow gaskets and I get stories to tell redpill bros

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Haha I appreciate the sentiment. I haven’t hung out with any of these people since that incident. The disinterest is mutual.

The upside to this sort of thing is that, unlike most of the soyboys at that table, I have no problem attracting women. At the bottom, perhaps subconsciously, I really believe that’s what they’re after with all their moral posturing and virtue signaling on social media. They want women to like them and have no fucking idea how pathetic they actually are.

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I mentioned suicide rates, homelessness, workplace deaths, child custody cases, and the availability of government assistance.

Yeah but women in the west get stupid internet comments, are naked in the playboy, half-naked in tv AND they have to deal with thirsty betas all the time.

You know, REAL issues. That isn't comparable to not seeing your child. And if that doesn't convince you let me quickly bring up the suffering of women in the middle east and then completely forget about it in my everyday life....

As a sidenote have you ever noticed that feminist women complaining about how much unwanted male attention they get and how hard it makes their life sound like a highschool boy bragging about too much sex?

[–] AlxCapwn 1 points 8 points (+9|-1) ago 

Re: complaining about unwanted male attention.

It’s definitely annoying. My ex-gf and I got into a huge argument a couple years ago because she was committed to the claim that she gets sexually harassed (in Ann fucking Arbor) on a DAILY basis. I pressed her from multiple angles, and she refused to budge. Every guy who tries to speak with her when she’s not initiating or sending signals of interest is harassing her. When I told her she’s a lunatic, she accused me of gaslighting her. I laughed and she cried. No idea why that relationship didn’t work out...she gave great blowjobs.

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As a sidenote have you ever noticed that feminist women complaining about how much unwanted male attention they get and how hard it makes their life sound like a highschool boy bragging about too much sex?

That's the point, women will also "complain" about feeling bad about cheating on a boyfriend that does/gives everything for/to them, but it's all really just bragging.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

Say no more. Godspeed.

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When dealing with leftists, it’s best to learn how to sound like you’re agreeing with them. Makes it a lot easier and more fun to drop the hatefacts later.

[–] AlxCapwn 0 points 2 points (+2|-0) ago 

It depends on what you mean by “best.” That’d be the best way to ensure that they continue to include me in their cult, but fuck those faggots and their cultist bullshit. I prefer to speak my mind and let the cucks cry.

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I don't even understand the concept or the plausibility of the long distance relationship. If she or I have got something so important that we've got to be miles and miles apart from each other to the point where the only way to maintain the relationship is through correspondence and phone calls, then I'd just cut her loose. Leaves me with a clear conscience when some other chick comes into my life at the new location or a new guy comes into her life at hers. Besides, if the relationship is one worth sustaining, you don't part ways willingly.

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But what if she's really REALLY hot?

I'm guessing it's college acceptances / choices that split them.

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The hot ones follow their man or are already cheating. They want a provider and to not work

[–] carnold03 0 points 3 points (+3|-0) ago 

A man who's confident in his ability to land one hot chick should be confident he can land others.

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But what if she's really REALLY hot?

I don't know about others, but I'd move. I'd move especially if I thought there was a chance she was marriage material.

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Wife and I did it while we both went to college. Sucked, but we made it through. It's a pretty serious test of the relationship.

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Me and my wife were long distance for a year while she finished up grad school and I was doing my own thing. We were 12 hours apart. Every couple of weekends we would each drive to meet one another to spend the weekend together... ya know... doing what a couple does. It worked out.

She was a keeper and I needed her on lockdown for a year while we finished up bullshit life stuff that gets in the way.

Now... the people that do long distance for many years and never see one another. That makes no sense.

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I've fucked a few women who were long distance 'dating'. Some had never met their 'boyfriends'. Also banged many women who were broken up with their boyfriends for the day. I just ask straight up and get responses like "well, I guess we aren't back together YET". An hour after they leave my place they're posting on social media "love my man <3" and I just laugh. You can't trust women.

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Haha and it even ended by accusing him of being and r/the_donald poster

[–] Trousersnake1488 1 points 9 points (+10|-1) ago 

yeah, you know it is bad when cuc soys think r/the_donald guys are 'alpha'

[–] Charilko 0 points 0 points (+0|-0) ago 

Plenty of cuckery on that subreddit. It seems comprised mostly of recovering leftists

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Any beta more alpha than oneself is alpha I suppose

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Can not imagine that...

Imagine this... your new wife arrives home four hours after her shift ended. She hugs the guy dropping her off as you look out the window at 3:00 in the morning....

Just before she reaches for the doorknob you whip the door open and punch her in the forehead really fucking hard.

Imagine her surprise as her head started to swell.

Imagine me going to jail thirty years ago.

I’m not sorry, not in the slightest.

The only thing I regret is not beating her to a pulp. Dead.

..today is another day

Edit: everyone has a bucket list....., mine is overflowing with blood

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Flip the genders on that. Guess what happens.

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A man in prison

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so edgy

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Relationship advice from almost any internet community is basically "worship women". I had an issue a few years back with my long term girlfriend/now wife. Sex was infrequent, mostly due to her depression.

I asked the internet how to remedy this any every answer was retarded assumptions. "Clean more, cook more, take after the kids (no kid at the time), etc". I actually cooked 90% of the meals at the time, was the only one who cleaned the house, did all the yard work, etc. You know what helped? Helping my wife address her depression and game/redpill theory.

Women don't want an obsessive loser who puts them on a pedestal and expects sex as payment. They want a man. Not domineering, but confident.

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Same with my wife. The more i "helped" around the house, the less interested she became, to the point she would get mad at the over compensation. Eventually i just decided to be open and honest, and more assertive, and ALL of a sudden all those pesky marital issues went away. Amazing, what not being a faggot will do

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It really is. A woman is like a garden. A little care in the beginning, and a few periods of neglect can be helpful.

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Why are you blurring out the names on a public website?? Imagine being that cucked...

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Probably grabbed it from the cucked Donald.

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Ive never understood this either

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The cuck is strong in this one!!!!

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