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One of the greatest secrets to succeeding in life and being happy is this -

There are guys in this world who just seem to know everything. The reason why is because when they ran into a problem, they tried to fix that problem. Maybe they succeeded, maybe they didn't. But they learned something. Then when the next problem came along, they kinda knew how to fix that one. After years and years of doing this, now when you give them a problem either they'll know how to fix it, or they'll be able to figure it out as they go.

And it's not just fixing things. It's everything in life. Picking up chicks, cooking, job, school, whatever. Just fucking try. You'll probably surprise yourself. And the more you try at ... well... everything, the better you'll get at everything.

And even though you'll never know how to do everything, most of the time you'll know enough to be able to bluff your way through it by figuring it out as you go.

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Really it is all about trying and either failing, but learning something in the process, or succeeding and doing it better the next time.

Fear is the mind killer.

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I think it goes without saying but here it is: you must have forethought to do all of this. There are many ethnicities that, on average, can not perform in the same way as you. If you do this long enough, there are many things you may be able to do for not only a career, but for your family and friends as well.

Remember: European innovation, ingenuity, and persistence created the world today - just as it can create the world around you.

Thanks for offering a helping hand. I will take you up if I ever need some advice about a project I know nothing of. 14/88 brother HH

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I think it goes without saying but here it is: you must have forethought to do all of this.

I think it's a more basic part of one's nature. I've taken things apart and tried to repair them since I was a child. Definitely no forethought there. If there's any of that, it took a long time to learn to examine whether it's worth the effort to try to repair something, given the chances of success, cost of getting a reliably working one, etc.

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It doesn't require forethought it requires the application of ones efforts to do it themselves.

Look I am one of the first people on the bus to condem niggers, but this topic isn't about race or inferiority. I get you put white men on a pedestal, but I have seen so many white people that refuse to apply themselves because they are just lazy and negative about everything.

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Whoops. Meant to call you out on my reply.

It's amazing how chained up people are with self-fulfilling doubt, baseless shame, and false pride.

I get so much hate IRL for solving problems quickly. Their flattering assumptions are hilarious. Like I was taught this how-how or something, or am "smart". I chose to remember my wake, and there are so many broken relationships, appliances, educators, meals, glassware...

Looking in the mirror is easier when you've already fessed up to your fuck ups though. I tell people that are too "forgetful" that hard stuff is memorable. If you tried, trust me, you'll wish you could forget if anything!

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With my husband, we looked up on the internet for a broken dishwasher, opened the electronic panel, and fixed it for free, with a new solder joint. Many things you can do yourself. It is easy to do a solder joint.

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Personally I suck at soldering

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My husband showed me. I used to be good (because of daily practice) but now, not so good. Anyway, it is a very easy skill to acquire.

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You can get better. I suck at most things, but I'm better than the lowest bidder.

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Me too. The biggest trick for people like us, because it's counterintuitive given focus on being resourceful, is you can't repair a bad connection. Just need to do another to learn. Going too long on a point will lead to brittleness and misery.

It's all about equipment and materials too. Cleaning with flux using conduction is nearly useless compared to convective or radiant heating.

Surround a joint with heat using a hot air gun so you don't need to raise the temperature much to obtain melting point. Keep everything perfectly clean when you start, or don't start. Nobody had ever welded to carbonized crud!

Also for tiny connections use premade soldering paste. Much easier.

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Glad you two gays are handier than most faggots.

God bless.

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I live to fix things. The best feeling when you do stuff yourself.

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Damn right it is!

Best thing is teaching others how to so they gain that confidence

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I'm fairly mechanically inclined, but I drive a desk for work, so I don't do as many projects as I'd like. A few months ago, I needed to change the spark plugs in my vehicle, so I opened up the Haynes manual and found some YouTube videos... it turned out to be a pain in the ass where I had to remove the intake and a bunch of other crap. One Saturday afternoon, I drug my 13 year old son out to the driveway with me and we did it together. We followed along with the video, pausing after every step until we finished the job. It was one of the best days because he really got into it, and my dad never did stuff like that with me. It was such a great feeling to know we did that together, and he told me he wants to learn more! Honestly, it just takes a little effort, and you can make great things happen.

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Protip: If you inherit a gay man's bicycle, be sure to disinfect the seat first.

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Yes this is important.

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Sounds like the handlebar grips would also be good to replace. /s

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Ew. Your brotip is a pink elephant!

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Ass pounder from Always Sunny anyone?

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So nice to see you posting <3

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Hey shit is going good and fuck me this place is so full of hate. Always some negative shit about something and well I want to try something different.

Can’t talk about my other stuff (hang sticks) less I want the ATF at my door again so I will try this.

That is why I left before. Someone here got the laws on me with an accusation that I was manufacturing AR-15 lowers for sale. They investigated and found it was false and left me alone.

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Yeah, it can get pretty dark here. While there's a lot of truth here it's easy to get black pilled. I like that you're bringing in some sunshine.

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Aww man- that sucks and isn't even something you would ever do. I'm sorry.

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There's a cool asian dude in my area who fixes appliances and resells them on Craigslist and other boards. We bought a washing machine from him for $75 and it's worked like a champ!

I would add, keep a record of your shit. Fixing stuff is one thing, but it's so fucking trivial to keep a notebook and write shit down yet everyone gives me the fluoride stare whenever I suggest they do it for some of the biggest purchases in their life.

Bought a car? Get a $1 notebook and keep it in the glovebox with a few pens. Every time you do something, write it down - shit's that simple. If you forget when you're due for your next oil change, you can see exactly when that was and at what mileage. You can see what kind of MPG you've been getting and if that's unusual. You know how old your tires are and when your brakes were last done. Isn't that worth a dollar and a few minutes of time every few days?

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Good points. I just do some thing out of habit, but yeah document everything because you can sometimes alter your cycle or behaviors to make shit last longer or find problems, and write dates on light bulbs.

Soon as we got this apt I immediately got daylight LED bulbs. Fucking hate that "warm white" color. Daylight is just so much better.

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Good stuff, man!

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With all the shit here posted figured I would try something different and actually help someone.

Let’s see if I can get more than one?

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Nice.....I'm not gay,but I do have appliances..I'll remember this..thanks

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Awesome advice!

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Hope so!

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