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Still more ethical then say, Chelsea Clinton's slush fund.

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It’s legal because she is getting anonymous morons to give her money for nothing. She is giving nothing to them in exchange and doesn’t know who they are.

The better question - is it pathetic? Absolutely. The libtards literally elected a moron who has no job, no money, no skills, and cannot survive without begging. This is the face of the demoshit party. She is like a crippled beggar from the streets of Mumbai, only worse because she isn’t crippled, she is only a lazy idiot.

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Yeah maybe, but I'd totally fuck her.

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Gofundme should be restricted for politicians. Shouldnt all donations and income be reported?

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Sounds like a good way to launder bribes.

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That's exactly what it is.

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@TexasVet what say you?

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Isn't that the cunt who begged for money and then spent it on guns?

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I was looking for this comment lmao

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Damn, she will be payed $175,000 a year, and she is dumb as a nail. Bet you she could not do that in he socialist utopia.

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She will be broke her entire term (until the bribes roll in)

175 after taxes to an idiot is like 20k

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Don’t worry she will somehow end up leaving Congress with 20-50 million like the rest of them.

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She'd be part of the (((ruling class))) under a (((communist))) system, at least until she was deemed expendable and thrown under the bus (possibly literally).

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It took this long? This was inevitable and completely expected. No it's not illegal. You can do it too if you can convince people to pay your rent/mortgage.

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However paying an elected official's rent may involve campaign contribution and bribery laws.

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I think that's a stretch. In fact I'm going to predict failure in court.

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It's not illegal and I'm not surprised. I actually thought some champagne socialist would kick her a few thousand dollars for rent.

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She isnt the problem the people donating are.

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Just like that fucking Ford bitch, I fucking can't stand the fact that she got some retarded amount of money from gofundme. I can't really blame her for it, it's the 50,000 or so retards that donated to her.

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Wasn’t what she thought it would be.

She'll still blame it all on White men though. Guarantee it.

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She can stay at my place for free.

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She has a boyfriend.

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Feel sorry for that motherfucker.

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