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Q is fake and gay. Kikes suck baby dicks. Israel is an amusement park for jewish pediphiles that america pays for. The nazis were right, we should have listened to them.

[–] FemeninePenis 3 points 33 points (+36|-3) ago 

Don't forget, the midterms are secure guys!

Just do your part and vote!

Q assured us the elections will be safe!

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You stupid retard, no one got shot while voting and they're now discovering all this fraud...yeah it's starting to look like Q was right about secure because the fucking niggers and kikes are being caught!

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It looks to me like the midterms are anything but safe. "The fraud is being discovered!". Let me know when something is seriously done about it.

[–] Shitapple_samsquamsh 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Holy mental gymnastics, Batman!!!!!

Just think, right there you put more mental energy into trying to construct a reality were Q was actually right than it would have took to just question if you have been duped.
You should have gotten off the Q train a while ago, bub. Unfortunately, the whole Q concept is now firmly embedded in your world view and has been programmed into your brain as a religion. You are a member of a cult.

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Lol nothing will happen. Q is mossad and serves Israel. Your breath stinks of circumcised cock

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Holy fuck! I haven't heard anyone say "stupid retard" since grade school!

Way to go dipshit.

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FEMEN is a feminist activist group, pretty sure he's alluding to that

[–] WorshipOrangeManGood 8 points 21 points (+29|-8) ago 

Yes but orange man good.

Putin good.

All leaders owned by jews good on voat.

Stick to what the republicans have planned.

Red team good.

[–] Food_Stamp 4 points 15 points (+19|-4) ago 

Trust Q goy. Trust Sessions.

[–] WorshipOrangeManGood 3 points 18 points (+21|-3) ago  (edited ago)

Lol sessions is a prince of NPC cucks.

The right wing NPC's worship anyone in authority....even (no especially lol) at their own personal detriment.


This is why whites are losing.

[–] Anson 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

Trump is HELPING white people!!

V/ImNotRacist look how many times he proved he wasn't racist!

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I'd agree with you if you weren't the nigger who keeps making alt accounts and spamming this shit as if you were an unironic shill.

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Q reminds me of

YES MY FOLLOWERS the world did not end today like GOD told me it would, but he has revealed to me that it will end at this time next year!

[–] Helbrecht 1 points 3 points (+4|-1) ago 

Q is Harold Camping? Or maybe a Seventh-Day Adventist?

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Round 2 of The Great Disappointment.

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I like how the red team is now allegedly anti-communist.

It's not enough to destroy you, they have to humiliate and get you to actively participate in your destruction.

Running around in red hats telling everyone to trust the government with a smug air of self righteousness.

Instead of "comrade" at the end of their sneers, it's "patriot". lol

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Trust Q goy. Everything he says is part of the (((plan))).

[–] Hydrocephalus 1 points 6 points (+7|-1) ago 

Was there something that was supposed to happen?

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You need to familiarise yourself with the PLAN.

Trust the PLAN. There's no way to know what the PLAN actually is, but the PLAN must be trusted. Trust the PLAN.

The PLAN. Trust it.

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Fuck, I forgot to trust the PLAN. Now I guess I need to say 50 "Trust sessions" and pray to a statue of PT Barnum.

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Yes. You were supposed to sit on your couch and stare at the magic box of Jewish sponsored entertainment

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Dumb Q fags and soyboys reveal their utter gullibility once again.

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