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I so dislike that Republicans sound like whiners rather than the bitching fighters they need to be to put the hammer on this crap. It's this snowflake approach that is causing the boldness by the Dems to add more and more votes. In the midst of this is a governor who won't make a bold big bad move. A State Secretary over elections who went ahead and resigned too early. Not enough leadership and strong decisions going on here. The Dems seem to be wiping their ass with our candidates.

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Luv, you are whining more than anyone.

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Persons like you cannot distinguish what whining is prove the point of the lost cause of GOPer's attitude. But then again you sound like a Dem so are probably one.

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Exactly. Thanks to the internet, more people can see toss up elections for how they usually contain massive voter fraud. That means a few more people to be redpilled and ready for when things really go to shit.

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Use the legal votes that were able to be verified and reported to the state by the deadline the day after the election. If whoever was in charge of the local elections is finding ballots after that then they should be impeached immediately.

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The ballot is inserted into an electronic tabulator before the voter leaves the precinct so after that they are just papertrail evidence and no longer active. To mysteriously find a stack of ballets after closing and then adding them to the count is complete fraud.

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I feel like there should be a way to call "redo" on the election in cases of blatant fraud.