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Western states like Montana, Idaho, Utah and Oregon burned for months this year, and the media could give a moment's shit in a 24-hour news cycle.

Fuck the rich assholes.

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Yup. Funny how those fires only start being labeled a "disaster" or a "tragedy" once it starts affecting libfags in California.

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The entire town of paradise burned down. Which is a northern California town in red voting butte county. 23 people are confirmed dead already in that fire including at least 10 who died in their cars trying to escape. Another 110 or more people are being reported missing as well. So yeah, it is tragic and losing an entire town is a disaster.

It's kind of weird how all these fire started in areas that vote red right after the Liberals win the election. It's almost as if they were punishing people for the way they voted.

That being said I've noticed that all of these stupid blue checkmark celebs and Jews are using these fires as political leverage to attack the president on Twitter.

I have no sympathy for multimillion-dollar homes owned by celebrities who harp about social justice burning down in Southern California but I do care about all of these old people who died in Northern California in their Retirement Community who weren't fast enough to escape the flames. I for one live in a Northern California town full of red voting people and watched the Ranch Fire come straight towards my house earlier this year.

Between last fall and this summer a lot of my friends are now homeless and I am very lucky to still have a roof over my head.

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More of a wealth transfer from the insurance companies but I see your point.

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Lot of those homeowners insurance policies aren't going to be paid out. Neglect of a property or negligence in the upkeep that leads to damage or destruction are grounds for voiding a policy. Almost all of these large Malibu properties were not being maintained properly in terms of brush removal and fire prevention. You can be sure the lawyers for the insurance companies will have satellite pictures from google images proving there was too much kindling on the property.

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But but muh bushes and dead tree mulch right againts my house makes my house look even better

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Good point :)

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Make sure to contribute to the GoFundMe campaigns supporting celebs facing the loss of their homes.

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But their bank didn't burn

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Haha of course. Let's start a charity and donate to the Malibu millionaire's so they can rebuild their mansions. Those places aren't cheap.

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The fires happen because the wealthy and powerful in that area do not want to permit responsible management of the forests. The fires burn down fancy properties, true… But they also displace and terrorize many of those selfsame working-class people … Even in a hoity-toity neighborhood, "help" has to live somewhere.

Nature does not discriminate: nature does not even know. A simple fact is there are more people that aren't fabulously wealthy than there are people that are, so more of the regular Joes will be screwed over by these fires then there will be screwed-over super-wealthy.

The superrich always get out and carry on.

TL;DR be mad at the gubbmint for blocking the natural forest fire cycle & enabling these large-scale disasters.

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The fires also scorch the soil if they burn long enough, so nothing will grow there for a while.

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Their are trees and bushes that need a fire to even sprout.

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Agreed. Fuck those scum and their mansions.

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All of Hollywood should burn down, all the stars homes. Cleanse the place. Just do not make American taxpayers foot the bill by bailing them out with State of Emergency funds. that bloviated boondaggle moonbeam Brown has passed a law that utility companies can tact on their losses from lawsuits due to their carelessness in contributing to the fires ON CONSUMER UTILITY BILLS.

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I'm quite giddy about it actually.

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Arrest me now , for I have an opinion outside the mainstream..However I wish no ill-will towards those even those who are satanic, however we must face them down one day - for if we don't they will burn the earth for a shiny new gold coin, that is the neurosis of the jews and fake jews.

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I wish Hellfire upon those you speak of. Given time, you will as well.

Just have to see everything they've done.

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