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One of the things I enjoy calling people stupid for is their tolerance for commercials. I think it's a decent test of intelligence. If you willingly sit there listening to some useless fuck telling you what to do, think and buy, and it doesn't so much as rub you the wrong way, you may be a fucking moron.

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Fucking thank you, dude. My fucking coworker, who I have to drive with everywhere always comments or laughs at the radio commercials and then he looks at me for a reaction.

2 years and he hasn't figured out I don't listen to commercials: I just block them out I guess. But this motherfucker hangs on every last word.

He's a fat fucking NPC.

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My fucking coworker, who I have to drive with everywhere always comments or laughs at the radio commercials and then he looks at me for a reaction.

I find that to be one of the most annoying reactions there is. It's like they have to seek your approval or are expecting you to follow along with them.

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FUCK. I had to get rides to work for a while this year, and this motherfucking FUCK would say something and less than 2 seconds later look at you and repeat 'huh' until you said something. That fucking faggot started texting me a few days ago, I didn't reply, so he sent me 2 more texts asking me what's up. I hate you, you stupid liberal drug addled homeless until you're 28 piece of fucking shit! That's what the fuck is up.

I can't ignore commercials though. The stupid cunts they use to talk in them drive me fucking berzerk.

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I have all forms of advertising blocked. It is so ridiculously strange when I'm at someone else's house and I hear an ad.

It is shocking that every one of them shows a mixed race couple.

Same bullshit voice and same commercials as 10+ years ago when I last saw ads regularly, just with race mixing propaganda.

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I think the world could be divided into two groups: smart enough to use adblock, or too stupid to use adblock.

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Same thing here. I haven’t seen ads regularly since I lived with my parents and they had cable.

Whenever I occasionally watch sports at someone else’s house the commercials make my skin crawl. You will never EVER see a white male that isn’t a dumb beta cuck or evil caricature, and you will always see mixed race couples and women women or minorities as the “main character.”

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I tell people there's a reason tv is called “program”. And they scoffed and laugh at me and it’s ok cause I’m not an npc cuck like them. If tv told half these retards that landing on a balloon from forty stories is safe. Half or maybe all would try it.

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I also haven't seen a good tv show in years. Occasionally my grandma or someone will tell me to check out a show. They've all been trash, and not even in the sense they're basically propaganda. They're just shitty production value, aimless plot, not entertaining and their characters are shit.

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I fucking hate commercials. Bill Hicks said it well.

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The Electric Jew

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Turn off your TalmudVision.

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One big MKUltra project streaming through that square

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This is one of the best things I ever did for my two children.

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When my children were very young I traded our TV set to a neighbor for a huge Rubbermaid playset. My wife and I would read to them every night, and NO Jew Tube was ever on in the house. Bought a set of McGuffy readers to teach them to read. All of them are now on their own, gainfully employed, intelligent and happy.

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13% of the population that occupies 80% of shows and movies.

Gee, why’s that?

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And that's why my household does not watch television.

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I'm really trying to get my husband on board with this. Edit: so far I've gotten rid of Hulu, Cable, and Netflix but then my sister visited and signed us into her account. My husband was thrilled. Sigh.

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You watch the cord wrong!

Switch to s Korea or Japan channel.

Women still women. Fat get shamed . Dick stilll got use to man toilet.

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