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The graph should show shootings, not only homicides. It would look WAY worse than it already does.

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Also should include more info on the sources. At least the paper's name and year.

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As long as you don't count suicides

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It should be noted that Czech Republic has low hassle gun ownership like a US free state and is almost entirely white.

Same rating on the graph.

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This one really puts it into perspective for me, in regards to what you're saying.

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i didnt know the swedes had guns. you’d think they’d fucking use them once in a while.

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Look at gun controlled Chicago and the gun deaths around the black ghettos.

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But, a black guy on TV told me that white men were the problem.

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Nope. Totally a gun problem. See?

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And still people think it would be wrong to have a Nigger season. We should be able to go out and kill 5 niggers per person,

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Shit, you could raise the entire US budget just from nigger tags.

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And the shemale gorilla running for Georgia Governor wanted Georgians to turn in their guns.

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And she'd of course have come up with some other excuse when disarming law-abiding white citizens did nothing, while the niggers infesting Atlanta continued to murder people on the daily.

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What’s a little odd is I Surprised she didn’t win, or decades before chimps didn’t make major inroads in politics.

Atlanta is chimp central juat like Detroit. Fuck they even have a matching office tower.

But I Geuss it being in the south the sensible people realized how dangerous blacks are.

I’m so so so thankful she lost. It gives me hope. The recount won’t help anything.

The monkeys will cry racism either way

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racism of course

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Hey FBI: It's a nigger problem!! N.I.G.G.E.R.

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