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This is the best post about it.. It puts all of the points in to one image..
False flag probability: 100%
Guys you need to go vote on the 6th, even if it is raining or snowing. Find your polling place. We have to vote out the leftist mob that is now just a wrecking ball trying to destroy every thing that is good. Every year (or month even) the left is showing their true colors more and more: They are batshit insane psychopaths.

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Batshit insane psychopaths and quite possibly and more than likely pedophile cannibals. Jeez, I can't believe I'm saying that. Two years ago I would have called myself insane for saying that. Those leaked emails really opened my eyes. Wew.

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What emails? I'm out of the loop

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Should have been three years ago, that's when its pizza party correspondence became available to all.

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Vote them out, string them up.

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Already voated [sic]. Saw people too old and sick to wait in line suffer it for an hour and a half! They ain't fucking around! One veteran cap wearing voater needed EMS. Boomers making amends, I hope. Waited behind an army vet (pre-vietnam) who commented on the EMS guy: "I'm nearly there.". He had to lean up against several things along the line. It is fully on, and I am in a liberal shithole! :-D

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I usually do a mail in ballot but, just like the 2016 election, Im taking my ass to a polling station to vote. I don't trust our own postal sstem enough to get my ballot handled.

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Little Benny Shapiro says I'm am a conspiracy theorist if I think this a false flag. Little Benny is in fact a jewfaggot. I think this has been proven indisputably.

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I vomit when I hear that little midget speak.

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He makes lots of very good points in online arguments and debate forums (as is the whole point of controlled op) but holy christ is his nasally blathering insufferable to listen to. His voice is just so flat and grating, it's difficult to listen to him for more than a few minutes at a time.

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How about this - Holder’s package was “returned to sender (i.e. Wasserman Schulz).” How can packages be “properly” delivered simultaneously AND one sent in error be miraculously fast forwarded to initial sender all on same day. This is an absolute joke. Suuuure this really happened.

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Why would they return a bomb to its sender and not warn police.
Also if its returned to the sender, and he then hand delivered it. He put his real return address on it ??

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They managed this operation with the same efficiency they had during the implementation of Obama care.

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Just when you thought they couldn't get any dumber, they go and do something like this........and totally redeem themselves.

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They've redeemed themselves, eh? Please, tell me more 24 hour old account

Edit: @EnterTheUnknown is an alt of @IGiveZeroFucks. His main showed up within seconds to support his alt and apply upvotes and downvoats.

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Were all these clues left there for people to find, intentionally?

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The NPC cries out as it draws a poop swastika.

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If I had social media, I would steal that line.

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The NPC cries out as it draws a poop swastika random assortment of lines at 90 degree angles

Mate, they can't draw a swastika. They try and fail constantly. Hoyle Hertler.

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Unironically yes. The jews control both parties and intentionally make one side look weak to swing everyone to the "better" side, creating the illusion of change.

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One of the few comments on here that tells the truth

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Maybe it was right wingers false flagging a left wing false flag

Then again: Hanlon's Razor

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The lintards want to make the right look evil. They have hit from every angle these past few weeks from Kavanaugh to this, and who knows what the government has up their sleeve next

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Mock bombs. Mock pols. Mock outrage. Mock horror. Mock Trump.

2018: the fucking year of Mockistentialism.

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Oh don't forget someone already found the clock they used on amazon and they said since it didn't have an alarm it was inoperative; so whoever made it knew it had zero risk of hurting anyone. It's 100% a false flag done by some leftist to gain outrage points to rally the left to vote.

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