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I’m gonna say something that makes voat mad.

You’ll never get rid of gays. Being gay is a mental disorder. You can’t get rid of it any more than you can get rid of anxiety or schizophrenia.

But it sure as shit needs to go back to being socially unacceptable. Treat it like what it is. A disorder. To be treated or quarantined for the sake of the society around it.

We wouldn’t run around enabling some whacked out nut case that thinks they are the queen of England, why are we enabling gays to the point of making them heroes?

They need to go back in the closet and quit fucking things up in our house.


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Being gay is a mental disorder.

You're right. But it's caused by sexual abuse when a person is in their formative years.


Ever hear of the cycle of abuse? It's a trend in which children who were victimized by pedophiles will almost certainly grow up to become pedophiles themselves. Why wouldn't this apply to homosexuality? If a man violates a little boy, that will shape his perception of sexuality for the rest of his life.

There's a reason why faggots won't allow any real good studies into the causes of homosexuality. It would reveal their dirtiest secret- that faggots are made by other faggots.

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Milo admitted this on (((mahers))) show, that's why he fell off everyone's radar


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I wish it were that simple. God i wish it were. This wonderful church that im apart of paid for my private schooling and medical bills is certainly a loving place.

Step1 Okay im 6 ill strip almost naked for this doctor. Ill let her poke around and feel up to make sure bones/joints are in the right positions she is like over 80 its just a pediatric doctor.

step2. Go to special camp paid for by the church play some games learn lessons about not not gossiping play a telephone game to learn not to spread lies or deceit or to tell secrets. Okay this is kinda spooky but these are important lessons..why do i need to learn this.

step3. They are paying for my clothing my trips my schooling why am I now selling chocolate im certain a pedo might buy alot of it to get close to me but that wont happen that wont happen in a million years(bonus points eating some of the chocolate does make me feel sexual a bit and excited. Unknown memory of me over the chocolate box sad and crying a bit.) (cant remember fucking who)

step4. Going over to the house of the nice family that bought alot of chocolate. ITs not that its not that its not My mom works alot of night shifts, they are just helping me and my mom the church loves me.

step5. Yes its that I AM BEING groomed by pedos and they are springing this on the nights before i am going to be baptized and accepted into the church.

Relize the world is bullshit. No one sees how smart i am and they didn't know that i knew. Figure its the only thing keeping me alive and further untouched zip my mouth kept my head down. Have tormented dreams of the paradise i rejected because they were trying to pedo me. Still end up going with guys because its easier and the only girl i ever liked is out of my reach only because accepting the baptism means slavery. Never tell anyone anything keep it to myself and let it fester acknowledging the life i turned down itself could be poison to myself I could get cocky or angry, so i had to make myself forget. in the lingering edges of my vision i could still see whats real but i ignore it every single second because remembering will only bring more pain and misery. I had no power no money. What hope do I have in this battle?

put up a fight? Surrender?

Fuck this life. Sometimes you have to wait, Because the battle you fight at the moment is pointless and will only get you killed or worse. To maintain ones sanity through that knowledge. Fearful of every decision fearful for your mothers life for your own life for your existence being erased for rejecting them. Seeing the poison the offer you for what it is and knowing the others have chosen this because they cannot see or understand what you do. I wanted more and could do nothing. Watching from the distance pretending knowing that tomorrow was another day and all i had to do was get out from under this shadow. Two decades to claw myself to freedom without attracting suspicion or interest from them.

how would you survive that? to have everything beautiful in life offered to you if you just submit. its so simple. you just have to have faith.....clap your hands and believe.


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Faggots reproduce by molesting children.

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ANY woman can get a man. Full stop.

Most lesbians have been traumatized by a man, or have hormonal conditions.

Poop dickery. Jfc 😂


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I don't think there's really anything you can do for a guy who likes poop dick.


one of the greatist lines ive ever seen


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I don't care if they exist. I just don't ever want to hear about it.

For example, there were ZERO gay people in my 1990's high school class.


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You’ll never get rid of gays.

Try turning us the gas.


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Eventually new fags will be born.

You could kill every fag on the planet all at once and I will bet the lives of everyone left that you’ll have a brand new faggot within a generation.

It’s just a mental disorder. Brains fuck up sometimes and things get crossed. You can’t stop it. But we don’t need to praise it and enable it either.


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they used to just want to be left alone. Now if they cant indoctrinate 6th graders Im a Nazi?


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You are a Nazi.

Heil Hitler.


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seig fukn heil!


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This is the same reason why people hate niggers and kikes. It's not because the races themselves are evil just like being homosexual doesn't mean you can't pay taxes or follow the laws, but if their evil cultures continue to ruin society, sane people will have little choice but to shun these groups.


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Even as a teenager I was saying that I hated the blacks because they behaved like niggers, couldn't care less about their skin color. But guess that makes me a racist, criticizing someone that is not a normal white male.


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Maybe don't judge an entire subset of society based on the few who act out for media attention? Most gays don't attend gay parades.


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Some do. I had a manager at a car dealership who straight up hid every facet of his personal life to sell cars.


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they are literally under the influence of evil


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im the same way, since when did lifestyles become opinions that need to be forced on me at a diner?

i feel the same way about niggers, its not their skin color, its how they act. even when i see an educated on, a lawyer perhaps, they still tip for shit and ask for retarded things like Shirley temples.

when i see a fag, like mark something running for senate in ohio...even if he is well spoken, all i can think of is his feather boa angry idiots marching the streets french kissing in front of kids and dressed as sailors with no pants on.

i mean Jesus Christ grow up!

if you wanna be taken seriously put on a suit, get to work, be polite and offer solutions to problems.


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If you wanna be taken seriously put on a suit, get to work, be polite and offer solutions to problems.

But then people won't validate their "I'm special" attention whoring.


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thanks jews!!!!


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For me the issue is that they want to push the entire culture to adore them. They are not happy enough to live there own lives they start gay clubs in schools and push degenerate ideas in media. They want everyone else to be gay with them. They have no respect for other points of view. If they did they would be fine and on their merry way but they never shut up and leave folks alone.


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Which makes them very suspect. If they were just like, "Oh, I'm attracted to guys, that's just how I am." No one would have a problem with it.

However, they go overboard with the "I'm a queen" bullshit and it gets annoying.


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Unfortunately (for all things like this), there are "good ones" - people that are gay but don't rub it in your face and don't partake in the parades and speak without a lisp, etc, etc.

You'll never notice most of them. And a lot of 'em won't speak up when you say things like this because it means they've been successful in unobtrusively coexisting and to bring it up would be doing the very thing that you and they have no interest in. Consequently, it's hard to get a number on how many aren't obnoxious.


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Very true.


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I wish being gay wasn't so normalized that they are even encouraged to adopt kids. Terrible for children to have fag parents.


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Csnt agree more.. these are my reasons for disliking gays.

  1. Men acting like woman are just men i dont like it is just wrong and off

  2. Gays do all the shit women do that is annoying... A. Gossip B. Love shopping C. Care about apperance over substance D. Usualy weaker and dont like real work (there are some buffed out gay dudez that im sure can work exception to the rule)

  3. Faggots dominate bullshit industries like fashion and wedding planning

  4. Spread disease

  5. Pedophiles and creators of more faggots through child abuse

  6. I hate the fucking gay accent just disgust me

  7. They are womanly when it comes to issues of security for america

  8. They tend to be liberal and vote democrat

  9. They car about marerlism over substance.. fsggots are all about the money

  10. Sticking a dick in an asshole is just disgusting and wrong

  11. As bad ass assholes being fucked.. two guys kissing is physicaly revolting

Probably more being childless they dont really give a fuck about the future

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Pretty much, I don't give a fuck what you do to other men, but don't push on to us you fucking faggots.


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Normalization is impossible without promotion.

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