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How about I masturbate into your open mouth, you silly cunt?

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You better be careful before she calls another male to stop you

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This is how bukkake is made...

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Story about how that actually works out:


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Reminds me of this story.


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Wait- does the author of that shit actually believe it was women that allowed men into the workforce?

How can someone be so unfathomably WRONG about something? Men were the ones in the workforce who caved to the nagging and bitching of women, finally allowing them secretarial positions and all that.

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Not only that, men allowed for the protections that currently make women close to unfireable, thanks to equal employment laws, 3 strike rules and a host of minority catered/women only advancement. Secondly, does this bitch seriously think the nagging of women LYING to get ahead is somehow allowed to be ignored? Women, from experience will exaggerate and lie about anything and everything to get ahead, so most of their "stories" are nothing more than fabircated bullshit. Worst, most of their stories are SO unfathomably out there, that ti would take a massive retard to even be close to believing 1/100th of what they say( jizzing into a potted plant comes to mind. No male worker I know, would EVER do this)

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Women will only ever have as much power/influence as their men allow them. They never fought to obtain power or influence- men do that. Men do the fighting and the brutal work, and then share the fruits with their women.

Boomers and their previous generation caved to the nagging of women and gave them the vote, essentially handing the dagger over to the jew which was used to stab the Western civilization right in the heart.

And you can see a sort of pendulum effect when a society's males begin to cave into their women. In Europe, we are witnessing the endgame of this: their men are so weak, such pushovers, that the females of Europe are inviting the entire third world, primarily Africans and Arabs, to come live with them. This seems so tremendously stupid, until you apply female psychology to the entire debacle:

The self-inflicted invasion of Europe is driven by women who are subconsciously desiring domineering, strong men to lead them. So they invite the most domineering, brutal men on earth to come live alongside them. Basically, the women of Europe are creating a competition between native Europeans and foreign savages for BREEDING RIGHTS. It's like a gladiatorial competition to see which group of men are stronger and more violent, and thus would make better providers/protectors in the female mind.

And the men of the EU are so weak, they actually allow this competition to take place. Strong men would say "No, they're not coming here, fuck you" to the feminists demanding more diversity. And you know how those women would react to being firmly told "No, fuck you"? They'd become sopping wet. They'd be tripping all over themselves to throw their vaginas at the men who told them no. But there are none, so there will be blood.

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jizzing into a potted plant comes to mind. No male worker I know, would EVER do this

So there are some females you know who would do that... By chance would they happen to be willing to do it on film?

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I'm pretty sure it's satire of an older piece that was written about allowing women in the workplace. The author is still a dickhead but there's definitely some wooosh going on in here.

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I'm not familiar with the website. But Poe's Law- in 2018, people are behaving so absurdly, so outrageously, that it is reasonable to assume that the author really does believe that shit- because we're surrounded by MILLIONS of people who do believe it.

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Minor correction:

Men were the ones in the workforce who caved to the crying and kvetching of kikes, finally allowing women secretarial positions and all that.

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It’s called satire?

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So all the veterans coming home after saving your worthless ass should be shut from making a living? 🤔

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It's irony, to expose the double standard.

There is a double standard. Men had to go to war.

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Fair enough. Next war we will send all of the women out to fight, and the men will stay at home taking care of the kids & keeping house. It is as if women have no clue how fun cooking and gardening is. Laundry doesn't take that long if you don't slack off.

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saving your worthless ass

The 'Greatest Generation' saved the Jews while destroying the aryan race and ensuring their countrymen remained in servitude of the long noses. They didn't know, but they certainly aren't heroes.

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Women in the workplace wouldn't have become the norm if (((they))) had not forced Uncle Adolf to start protecting his people and manipulated America into a war we had no interest in, dragging all the men away from home.

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No one said you couldn’t jerk off onto plants.

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Seed does belong in dirt.

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Well, I did read the employee handbook and it's not explicitly against the rules...

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I would bet there isn't anything int he employee handbook stopping you from bringing in a new doorknob and changing the lock on your office either. There is an impressive amount of things not in handbooks that clearly isn't allowed but not stated anywhere.

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Seriously. That's how fucking crazy and desperate they are to slap shit up on the internet. Any shit.

They may as write it in Phoenician hieroglyphics.

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TIL that men had no jobs until after WWII.

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The Men's Suffrage movement was a long and hard fought battle.

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That's actually true for commoners in the UK, and was possibly a mistake... http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/pathways/citizenship/struggle_democracy/getting_vote.htm Whenever you see someone talking about how politicians extended the vote over time in exchange for increased power, that was one of the steps to getting where we are now.

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This really must be satire, right?

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