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I've been thinking of a non-racial argument explaining why niggers have a low IQ. It has to do with their niggerness compounding their niggerness

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their ancestors never had to survive a hard winter

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But actually though, the studies about temperature vs productivity make me wonder if simply living in cold environments has something to do with it. Like if our brains start to be less effective at 70°+, what would happen to a group of people where living it never gets below 70° vs a group that anally experiences freezing temperatures, assuming its not something that evolution can easily compensate for?

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Nope, mostly just swinging from tree to tree and throwing their own shit.

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Or lived in a city.

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They seem to have little to no desire to improve. Their ancestors were the same, they did not explore, grow food, or build anything.

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I see you're a big fan of Thomas Sowell.

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Not a super big fan, he's Chicago school.

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I've been reading the Bell Curve. A book recommneded by my Chinese professor. You should read it too if you get the chance.

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Yeah it's a good book. I read it a few years ago

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Where do you go to university? I don’t think a Chinese professor in the US would dare to recommend something like that.

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It's they culture

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you got that right, sites who did practice 0 moderation unfortunately got shut down

from RoK to OAG they systematically killed every site who had absolute free speech

fucking kikes man...

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Return of Kings was a site dedicated to Masculinity and anti-feminism

OAG was a gaming site dedicated for hardcore gamers, weebs and Anti-Marxists

both of them were great but unfortunately RoK got their funding shoah'ed while OAG got DDOSED to shit after this article aired https://www.oneangrygamer.net/2018/09/total-war-rome-2-dev-defends-female-generals-says-if-gamers-dont-like-it-dont-play/69806/

dunno what happened to the owner, he was never heard from after the DDOS

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RoK is return of kings, not sure about the other one.

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Why hasn’t Voat been shut down?

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Because it's ran by one guy, a goat on a treadmill runs the servers and we don't bow to the pressures of advertisers.

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I don't think this place was profitable to start with, can't make it less profitable. basically community donations ect.

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Considering how ineffective the government usually is, the amount of internet censorship they've managed to convince tech giants to implement is really impressive.

[–] fellowkikepeople 1 points 12 points (+13|-1) ago 

Hint: The push isn't coming from government.

[–] HulkInformation 2 points 4 points (+6|-2) ago 

Yes it is. If it's a Jewish conspiracy then they are acting through the government.

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The lines between government / deep state / tech industry are very blurry and the controllers pull strings attached to all of them.

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Tricking your average silicon valley coder isn't much of an accomplishment. They are very easily swayed.

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Its only effective when it was to be.

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By 2030, there will only be one place on the internet for free speech, the D.W.

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@puttitout you’re a god damn hero, faggot

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With places like this, not for long.

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It's simple really, Zionist has all the money, wait for a site to get popular then buy it, and impose tyranny.

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if they have all the money, where is the rest of the money ?

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China, but they only care about them.

[–] dan_k 0 points 1 points (+1|-0) ago 

Not literally all of the money, figuratively, as in they can pretty much just enter numbers into a computer and create money.

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... and destroy any legit competitors by any means.

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Yes, if you can't buy them, smear them.

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There is a literal tidal wave of black on white crime and the treasonous media suppresses the story.

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That's been going on for decades. Whites like to act like it's not happening.

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A great many can't handle truth.

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