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after watching "the greatest story never told" I felt myself starting to think maybe hitler wasn't what they say and starting to see how our nation is being infiltrated in the same way. this is my own opinion after watching, but I see some similarities, hitler wanted to make germany great for the german people. trump just wants to make America great for American people I know this is extremely general idea but maybe that's why some people compare trump to hitler or maybe im totally missing it here. Im just starting to get my feet wet with this whole red pill is there any other good documentaries or information that helps. I do have to say that this red pill has definitely thrown my mind for a loop and with no one else to talk to about it its been kinda weird lol. any other informational help is appreciated.


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why some people compare trump to hitler or maybe im totally missing it here.

Yeah, you're reading into that too much- they call him Hitler simply because Hitler has been vilified so successfully, that his name is synonymous with "evil dictator who is just a big meanie for no reason".

Here's a few very potent red pills- be careful, you may OD if "The Greatest Story Never Told" is still in your bloodstream: Look into the number of countries jews have been ejected from throughout history. It's truly amazing; there is no sub-group of people on earth who is as widely despised and reviled as the jew. Finally, the jew is always extremely eager to tell you what happened to him, but they're terrified to tell you why.

Why is that? Did you leave high school knowing the real reasons Hitler (and pretty much ALL OF GERMANY) had such an issue with jews? I didn't, I left high school believing what they told me- that Hitler was simply an evil, bitter, ambitious man who had some kind of unreasonable grudge against jews. They didn't teach us about the civil war before WW2 that was instigated by the jew. They didn't tell us that Bolsheviks were jews.


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this. neither here, every documentary and ever piece of information one gets from schools and mainstream media is centered around emotionalizing instead of rationalizing. it is so suspicious one could deduct that jews are in charge in the western world now, only by the amount of concerted efforts to make nazis and hitler look bad, by itself.


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Hitler did nothing wrong

Germany was thriving with no central bank jew-scam


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you're on the right track this will help a lot it has soooo much undeniable evidence that we have been lied to in the worst way about hitler and the nazis... just click the link on the left side called ADOLPH HITLER AND THE ARMY OF MANKIND prepare yourself. it's one hell of a redpill!


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Look up johhny gat and gadaffi